Terry Collison
Blue Rock Capital

TERRY COLLISON is a Partner in Blue Rock Capital, a $51 million venture capital fund that makes equity investments primarily in early-stage companies in the Mid-Atlantic region from New England to the Carolinas. Blue Rock's investment interest includes both technology companies and ventures based on proprietary business services. Prior to forming Blue Rock Capital, Terry served as a venture advisor to private investors and venture funds, to Pennsylvania's Ben Franklin Partnership and other early-stage funds and private investors in the Mid-Atlantic region. He currently serves as a director or Board observer of Blue Rock portfolio companies and as a director of both the Entrepreneurs' Forum of Greater Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia Venture Group.

Mr. Collison has helped a wide variety of companies develop venture concepts, product commercialization strategies, management teams, marketing programs, formal business plans, and new financing arrangements. He has served as President of the Entrepreneurs' Forum of Greater Philadelphia and continues to sit on its Board of Directors. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Delaware Innovation Fund and its Investment Committee. For the Ben Franklin Partnership program based at Lehigh University, Mr. Collison serves as a member of the Investment Advisory Board.

Previously Mr. Collison was part of new venture teams at General Electric and Ford Motor Company (through a joint technology venture with MTI of Latham, NY). He lectures at the Wharton School and previously served on the faculty of the State University of New York at Buffalo. He has appeared as a featured speaker at conferences sponsored by inc. MAGAZINE, the National Business Incubation Association, the Licensing Executives Society, the Association of University Technology Managers, and other organizations. Mr. Collison received his Master's degree in Planning with High Honors from the University of Pennsylvania and earned his B.A. cum laude from Williams College (Phi Beta Kappa). Feel free to modify or delete any text, as needed.

Terry Collison
Professional Public-Sector Experience

Executive Director - The Center for the Absorption of Federal Funds

The Center is firmly committed to the concept of "pure" projects - that is, investigations which are totally uncompromised either by likely near-term utility or potential future applicability. In order to maintain strict neutrality on the issues, the Center has consistently enforced a synergistic policy position based on non-production linked to non-publication and has, in fact, eschewed entirely all outside funding as an implicit threat to its status with regard to the important profit/non-profit question.

Acting Manager - Institute for State and Local Redundancy

Recognizing an additional public service need, the Institute was established as an inter-departmental program within the Center. Dedicated to the principle that functional replication is an important safeguard against the potential effectiveness of "single-source" responsibility, the Institute will accept only multi-client projects sponsored by consortia of directly competing Federal, state, and local agencies. Projects from institutes, corporations, regional agencies, and independent citizens' group cannot be accepted since ISLR's analytical model excludes these variables as extraneous considerations or deals with them only as "noise factors" within the normative redundancy equation. Mr. Collison serves as Acting Assistant Executive Co-Director of the Institute.

Founder and Chairperson - Clearinghouse for Proposal Research (CPR)

CPR is an educational archive and information-sharing service. CPR is concerned not with research per se but strictly with proposals for research, a distinction whose importance is now receiving long-overdue recognition. The Clearinghouse is intended to house Mr. Collison's personal collection of various papers and reports on how to write research proposals. Authors of "how-to-do-it" reports who have actually received a grant are specifically excluded from being listed by the Clearinghouse (unless they can demonstrate that the proposed research was never actually carried out, in which case they are automatically invested as a Fellow and named to the Governing Board of CAFF). Those interested in accessing the Clearinghouse should know that it will not be fully operational until the grant application for its first year of funding has been completed, submitted, peer-reviewed, revised, and approved.