Ed Fadel
Founding Partner
Fusion Ventures

Ed Fadel and Paul Mayer , Founding Partners. Both Mayer and Fadel are experienced and successful entrepreneurs. In 1982, Mayer and his wife founded Satisfaction Restaurant, selling it in 1988. In 1987 Mayer and Fadel founded CD Superstore and served as CEO and COO respectively. The company grew to over $35 million in sales with over 300 employees. In 1994 CD Superstore was sold for $17.5 million to Borders Group, at the time a subsidiary of K-Mart and now the $2 billion parent company of Waldenbooks and Borders Books. Mayer and Fadel operated the company for over a year as one of three divisions of Borders Group, experiencing the IPO process and the operations of a public company. By starting and operating companies from concept, through fast growth, to exit, in both private and public company arenas, Mayer and Fadel have acquired valuable hands-on experience. To supplement their operational experience, their time has recently been spent as private equity investors. In this capacity they have searched for and analyzed early stage companies, structured and negotiated investments in these companies, and assisted various companies as advisors or directors. Both Fadel and Mayer graduated from Duke University.