Amounts granted will reflect individual need and overall requests.

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Scholarship Application Guidelines

Eligibility requirements

Amount of assistance available

A total of $8,000 in scholarship support is available. We will award two levels of scholarships:


Every tuition scholarship application will be considered on its merit, relative to the other applications we receive. We anticipate receiving more applications than we will be able to fund. In case your application is not approved, we will NOT hold your place in the training program unless you instruct us to do so.

Hotel reservations are the responsibility of the individual and should be handled as such. Partial scholarships are awarded for tuition only and do not include hotel or travel assistance.

Scholarship Application

Application closed for FTI scholarships

Required fields are market with a red asterisk (*)

Please hold my place in the course even if I do not get a scholarship.
(in such an instance, we will contact you regarding payment).*

Name of applicant:*
Title of applicant:
Postal Code:
Are you a member?* YesNo
Total amount requested (not to exceed $1,000):*
Are you involved with an operational incubator?* YesNo
If no, are you developing one?* YesNo
If developing, what is the expected date of opening:
Please include a one- to two-page description covering the following: *
  • the representing organization/incubation program
  • role of the representing individual
  • reasons for attending
  • other relevant activities under way in the target area
  • description of financial need, and an itemized scholarship request
Application deadline is September 20th. Decisions will be announced by September 22st.