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Request for Workshop Proposals

22nd Training Institute
Oct. 1-3, 2012
InterContinental Hotel
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Proposal deadline: Friday, June 15

General Information

We are seeking people to organize and present full- and half-day workshops during NBIA’s 22nd Training Institute, to be held Oct. 1-3 at the InterContinental Hotel in Milwaukee. The goal of this event is to provide in-depth information on business incubation and economic development for our diverse audience. Anyone interested in presenting a workshop must submit a proposal outlining the proposed content and other details. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please carefully read the workshop criteria and be sure your document includes all the proposal requirements.

Workshop Criteria

We will select workshops that:

  • Fulfill the audience need
    Workshop attendees represent a broad spectrum of the business incubation industry, including incubator managers, incubator developers, economic development professionals and educators. These individuals come from a variety of program types and work with clients from diverse demographic backgrounds. Attendees also have varying levels of experience, so some workshops must address the educational needs of industry newcomers, while others should target professionals with more advanced knowledge. Regardless of background, all Training Institute attendees are looking for practical tools and techniques they can apply within their programs immediately. We will assess proposals based on tools and techniques described and whether or not the content will be easily applicable to other incubation programs.
  • Highlight successful programs and provide valuable content
    Many workshops are presented by industry professionals who have successful programs that can be used as models of innovation and best practice. These examples provide great learning experiences for attendees. We strongly encourage presenters to ensure the information they share is broadly applicable and not unique to their specific programs.
  • Have strong presenters
    NBIA seeks experienced and dynamic speakers who are able to communicate effectively through lively, organized and well-prepared presentations that include helpful handout materials. Experience in the industry is preferred and firsthand knowledge of the topics is a must. NBIA members will be given preference over nonmembers if other variables are equal.
  • Will be cost-effective
    In considering workshop proposals, NBIA evaluates the projected number of attendees a topic might attract in relationship to the speaker's remuneration request and other related expenses. The budget for this event is tight, so we try to keep our costs low. For more information about speaker remuneration, see #9 under "Proposal Requirements" below.

Proposal Requirements

Anyone interested in presenting a workshop at the Training Institute must submit a proposal covering the 10 requirements listed below. In a separate document, please provide all of the following information:

  1. Proposed workshop title – Please note: NBIA reserves the right to change workshop titles to better fit our space and style requirements.
  2. Presenter(s) – Provide name and full contact information for each presenter. Also, please attach a short bio of each presenter to your proposal. If you have not identified specific co-presenters but plan to do so, please provide a description of the type of presenter(s) you will include.
  3. Workshop description – In 300-400 words, please describe the content of your proposed workshop, including the specific topics you plan to cover. Please do not exceed the 400-word description limit.
  4. Expected learning outcomes – Identify at least three tools, techniques or templates participants will take away from the workshop. Attendees are most interested in the tools and techniques they can apply within their programs immediately.
  5. Target audience – Identify the target audience, including level of experience. Some examples of target audiences include incubator developers, people who are new to the industry, experienced managers, etc.
  6. Course materials – Each presenter should develop content for a workbook to assist attendees as they implement workshop outcomes at home. Please describe the materials you will provide for the workbook.
  7. Presentation method – Describe the method(s) of presentation you plan to use (e.g., lecture, small-group discussion, etc.) and describe the audiovisual equipment you will need (e.g., LCD projector, flip charts, etc.).
  8. Length of workshop – This event will include both full- and half-day workshops. Full-day workshops run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with an hour lunch break, and half-day workshops last from 9 a.m. to noon. Please indicate your preference and explain why that length is appropriate.
  9. Expected remuneration – Please include content development and/or presenter expense. Common forms of remuneration include travel stipend, accommodations at the hotel or development fees.
  10. References – Please provide contact information for three references who can discuss your training abilities and experience.

All proposals must arrive at NBIA by Friday, June 15. Please submit your complete proposal and all supporting materials in one of the following ways:

Fax: (740) 593-1996
Mail: TI Planning Committee, 20 E. Circle Drive # 37198, Athens OH 45701

If you have any questions, contact NBIA’s Events and Programs Department at (740) 593-4331 or For more information about the structure of the Training Institute, check out information about past events at




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