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Preconference Proposal Requirements

In a separate document, please provide all of the following information:

1. Proposed workshop title – Please note: NBIA reserves the right to change workshop titles.

2. Presenter(s) – Provide name, title and full contact information for each presenter. At the end of your proposal, please attach a short biography of each presenter. If you have not identified specific co-presenters but plan to do so, please provide a description of the type of presenter(s) you will include. Please note: We typically do not include more than three presenters in a single workshop.

3. Workshop description – In 400 to 600 words, describe the content of your proposed workshop, including the specific topics you plan to cover. Please do not exceed the 600-word description limit.

4. Expected learning outcomes – Please list at least three tools, techniques or templates participants will take away from the workshop. Attendees are most interested in the tools and techniques they can apply to their programs immediately.

5. Target audience – Identify the target audience, including level of experience. Some examples of target audiences include incubator developers, people new to the industry and experienced managers. Also, be sure to note if the workshop focuses on a specific industry segment (e.g., biotechnology, university, rural).

6. Course materials – Each presenter is responsible for developing a workbook of materials for workshop attendees to reference during and after the workshop. Describe the materials you will provide. NBIA will print and bind all workbook materials for you.

7. Presentation method – Describe the method(s) of presentation you will use (e.g., lecture, panel discussion, small-group discussion) and the audiovisual equipment you will need (e.g., LCD projector, flip charts, TV/DVD). Please note: We do not provide computers or Internet access.

8. Expected remuneration – Common forms of remuneration include a travel stipend, accommodations or a content development fee.

9. References – Provide contact information for three references who can speak to your training abilities and experience.

All proposals must arrive at NBIA by Friday, Sept. 7. Please submit your complete proposal and all supporting materials in one of the following ways:

Fax: (740) 593-1996
Mail:NBIA, Attn: Elizabeth Boyle, 20 E. Circle Drive, # 37198, Athens OH 45701

If you have any questions, e-mail or call (740) 593-4331. For more information on the structure of our Preconference Institute and to get an idea of the types of topics we include, check out some of our past events at


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