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Submitting a Proposal: NBIA Preconference Institute

Deadline: Friday, Sept. 21

Each year, NBIA holds a Preconference Institute in conjunction with its International Conference on Business Incubation to provide in-depth information and skill development for business incubation and economic development professionals. This event involves workshops on incubation-related topics that are relevant to our diverse audience. Workshop presenters must be dynamic speakers who have expertise in their topic areas and be willing to prepare enough material to fill a full-day time slot from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Click here to see descriptions of the workshops we offered last year. NBIA strives to offer a balanced program, so workshops are selected based on the following criteria.

Audience Need

Workshop attendees represent a broad spectrum of the business incubation industry, including incubator managers, incubator developers, economic development professionals and educators. These individuals come from a variety of incubator types and have diverse demographic backgrounds. Attendees also have varying levels of experience, so some workshops must address the educational needs of industry newcomers while others should target professionals with more advanced knowledge. Regardless of background, all attendees are looking for practical tools and techniques they can apply to their programs immediately. We will assess proposals based on whether the content will be applicable and easily replicable at other programs.  

Quality of Presenter and Presentation Content

NBIA seeks dynamic speakers who are able to communicate effectively through lively, organized and well-prepared presentations that include helpful handout materials. We welcome proposals from experienced presenters, international speakers and new voices who haven’t spoken at our events previously. Experience in the business incubation industry is preferred but not mandatory. However, firsthand knowledge of the topic(s) and experience with presenting to adult learners is a must.

Representation of Model Programs

While some workshops focus on developing specific professional skills, many are presented by industry professionals who have successful programs that can serve as models of innovation and best practices. These examples provide great learning opportunities for attendees, so NBIA looks for workshops that will include – but not be limited to – presentations of exemplary case studies. We strongly encourage presenters to ensure the information they share is broadly applicable and not unique to their specific programs.

Cost Effectiveness of Workshop

In considering a workshop proposal, NBIA evaluates the projected number of attendees it might attract in relationship to the costs associated with content development, speaker travel and other related expenses.

All NBIA Preconference Institute workshop proposals are due by Friday, Sept. 7. If you have any questions about the proposal process, e-mail or call (740) 593-4331.

Click here to view proposal requirements.

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