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Suggested Session Topics

Please use the following list to help guide you in generating ideas for your session topic. This list contains subject areas that are of interest to our attendees based on previous events and evaluation feedback; topics proposed that are not on this list also will be given consideration.

Recruiting and serving clients

  • Marketing an incubation program
  • Social media use for incubation programs
  • Client selection techniques (recruiting, developing, selecting)
  • Developing client mentoring and coaching programs
  • Managing a soft landings program and assisting nondomestic start-up companies

Funding and financing

  • Design and implementation for incubator financial sustainability and revenue-generating methods
  • Raising funds from government agencies, foundations, private investors and other sources
  • Helping clients attract investors and secure funding

Ecosystem topics

  • Developing a seed or venture accelerator
  • Creating youth entrepreneurship programs and student incubators
  • Client pipeline development
  • Incorporating coworking space into your business incubation model
  • Building a successful postincubation (economic gardening) program
  • International business incubation
  • Partnering with angel investor networks
  • Working with women and minority entrepreneurs
  • Organizing a network of incubators
  • Building a successful preincubation program

Public policy and international business incubation

  • National incubation policies
  • United States: State or federal policy and incubation outcomes
  • International: Public policy and business incubation outcomes
  • Operating business incubators in emerging market countries

Incubator development

  • Conducting a feasibility study
  • Developing an incubator
  • Creating an incubator business plan
  • Advocacy of business incubation and promoting your program to raise funds and secure stakeholder support

Incubator management

  • Managing the incubator facility (including lease agreements, space usage and utilities)
  • Measuring economic impact and benchmarking your program
  • Incubator policies and client agreements
  • Technology support, program offerings and information technology infrastructure

Niche incubator management

  • University-affiliated
  • Rural
  • Mixed-use incubator
  • Biotechnology
  • Kitchen or food

Stakeholder relationships

  • Working with your board of directors, entrepreneurs-in-residence or incubator support staff
  • Forming partnerships with other economic development programs

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