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Monday, May 22

7:30 - 9:15 a.m.

Keynote Speaker: Kay Hammer

This 1996 cover exec for Forbes magazine gained worldwide recognition for her revolutionary data extraction software and the company she co-founded, Evolutionary Technologies. Hammer could also be a cover girl for business incubation, having found her company's wings as a client of the Austin Technology Incubator. Now author of Workplace Warrior and Evolutionary's CEO and technical visionary, Hammer's path from cashier to college professor to Texas Instruments to founder of a $33 million company twice listed as an Inc. 500 fastest growing company, is filled with lessons to pass on. It also reflects a deep appreciation for the advisors who smoothed the bumpy road of company development. Her personal story is an inspiration to everyone in the incubation business, especially those who have learned how much of an entrepreneur's success involves personal transformation.

9:15 - 10:15 a.m.

Strictly Speaking: Giving a Talk with a Lasting Impression

If you speak before groups, sell ideas to others, or need to deliver dynamic purposeful oral presentations, this mini-workshop will take your speaking skills to a higher level. Not mine, you say? This seasoned trainer begs to differ. Find out how easy the tricks of the speech trade can be.
Leslie Dickson, President, Voice-Pro Inc., Cleveland, OH

Technology Commercialization through New Business Formation

Federal laboratories, universities, research hospitals, and other technology creators are becoming more involved in fostering new companies to commercialize their institutional technologies. These experts will describe the new company formation process, explain benefits that the many different players derive, and provide insights into working with large institutions.
Dr. Lorelei Davis, Manager of Biotechnology, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
Linton Salmon, Ph.D, Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
Larry Viterna, Chief, Commercial Technology Office, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH
Wayne Zeman, Executive Director, Lewis Incubator for Technology, Enterprise Development, Inc., Cleveland, OH

How to Develop Funding and Partnership with the Private Sector

Sometimes you need funding for a specific project, and partnerships with private sector "stakeholders" can be a great source. Learn how to position your incubator as a worthy investment and, at the same time, develop long-term partnerships. Plus, learn which business sectors are the best prospects.
Charles L. Stein, President, Strategic Development Services, Powell, OH
Moderator: David Cattey, Executive Director, Business Technology Center, Columbus, OH

Assisting Inexperienced Entrepreneurs

Learn how to create a comprehensive business support program that develops clients' management, entrepreneurial, technical, and networking skills. Two mixed-use incubator managers describe successful models designed to help small enterprises.
Matt Bergheiser, Vice President of Entrepreneurial Programs, The Enterprise Center, Philadelphia, PA
Bob Waite, Chief Executive Officer, Darebin Enterprise Centre LTD, Melbourne, Australia

Addressing Challenges to Rural Incubation

NBIA recently conducted a comprehensive study, funded by the Tennessee Valley Authority, of the obstacles and challenges to rural incubation. The survey results identify the challenges facing entrepreneur development initiatives in rural areas and describe how incubation programs in 14 Southeastern states have successfully addressed them.
Hugh Sherman, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean, Director of Graduate Programs, Ohio University College of Business, Athens, OH
Christine Yost, Lecturer, Ohio University College of Business, Athens, OH

Business Incubation in a Full-Employment Economy

Alan Greenspan isn't the only person checking the pulse of the full-employment economy. Business incubators can experience problems staffing themselves and their clients, as well as keeping a strong entrepreneurial pool and stakeholder support. Hear and share ideas for working in this good economy.
Sandy Bourne, President, Pasadena Enterprise Center, Pasadena, CA
Jim Greenwood, President, Greenwood Consulting Group, Sanibel, FL
Lenie Roos-Gabridge, Vice President, Boulder Technology Incubator, Longmont, CO

Roundtable Discussion: Incubator Support Staff

This is for those staff members who incubator directors could never do without. Build your own support networks by sharing your challenges and solutions with others who have been there.

10:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Protecting Your Investment: Corporate Governance and Shadow Boards

Good corporate governance is an essential factor in a company's long-term survival, reputation and performance. Make sure your companies' governance practices are designed to enhance their performance from day one, and learn about the role that advisory and shadow boards play in this process.
Jon J. Masters, Managing Principal, Lear, Yavitz & Associates, New York, NY

Valuing an E-Business and the Incubator's Contribution

Valuing startups is far from a science–that goes double for e-commerce upstarts. Intelligent valuation is a must in this fast-paced, new-rules industry, as is intensive incubation support. Attend this session to sharpen your approach to valuing e-commerce startups, help measure the incubator's contribution, and elucidate equity and royalty issues.
Mike Wierwille, Principal, Corporate Finance, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Los Angeles, CA
Jim Wilson, Director, Corporate Value Consulting, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Los Angeles, CA

Growing Tech Companies: Every Incubator's Guide

How do you effectively screen potential technology companies? What types of business assistance do they need? What expertise are you looking for in advisors? Where's the money (equity? grants? banks?) and how do you prep companies to get it? This session will sharpen any program's approach to growing successful tech companies.
Bill Simon, Vice President, Center for Emerging Technologies, St. Louis, MO
Bill Whalen, Midwest Manager, Defense Technology Information Center, Dayton, OH
Nancy Pechloff, CPA, St. Louis, MO
Moderator: Micheal Reishman, Associate Dean, College of Engineering, University of South Carolina

Incubating Without Walls

You don't need wall to ensure that aspiring entrepreneurs get the support, resources and technical assistance they need to form, grow, and maintain successful businesses. Learn how to stimulate small business creation through entrepreneurial networks or incubators without an actual facility.
Paige Perkins, Community Development Director, City of Chamblee, Chamblee, GA

An Urban Incubation Success Story

In just five years and with the support of public and private entities, nonprofit Shorebank Enterprise Group transformed a turn-of-the-century manufacturing building in the middle of Cleveland's Empowerment Zone into a successful business incubator. Even the surrounding area now flourishes.
Diane Swander, Vice President of Operations and Finance, Shorebank Enterprise Group, Cleveland, OH

29 Lessons Learned from Trendsetter Companies

What are America's fastest growing firms doing to stay ahead of the pack?
PricewaterhouseCoopers' Trendsetter Barometer survey has identified best practices used by CEOs of these role model companies.
Pete Collins, Director, Entrepreneurial Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers, New York, NY

Roundtable Discussion: Technology Commercialization 2000

Technology commercialization that involves startup companies is changing dynamics in universities, federal labs and other institutions. The multifaceted process looks different, depending on your vantage point. Two tech commercialization pioneers will lead this tech "talk soup" that could stir up some good questions and lead to new perspectives.
Dr. Walter Plosila, Vice President, Public Technology Management, Battelle Memorial Institute, Cleveland, OH
Dennis Fisher, President/CEO, Carilion Biomedical Intitute, Ranoke, VA

The Entrepreneur's Legal Toolkit

Help your start-up companies recognize legal pitfalls and head off problems before they arise. Learn how to find and effectively use high quality, low-cost lawyers who can offer much more than legal advice. Lawyers: don't run your program without them.
James A. Kearns III, Partner, Bryan Cave LLP, St. Louis, MO

2 - 3:30 or 4 p.m.

Rural Solutions: Emerging Technologies and Virtual Incubation

Learn how to harness the potential of emerging technologies such as e-commerce to benefit your rural region. The creator of an award-winning virtual business incubator with 16 satellite sites shares how its innovative mix of education, business technology, and community resources cultivates rural entrepreneurs.
Kevin Liska, Director, BusinessMedia Center and Regional Business Technology Inc., Cookeville, TN
J. Donald Weinrauch, Professor of Marketing, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN

Executive Leadership

If you're longing to manage more effectively and create value in this era of incredible change and accountability, this session will open up brave, new possibilities. From the creators of the groundbreaking Ohio University Executive Leadership Institute, hear how to get all the internal and external forces of your organization working together in a more effective, measurable way.
Mark Weinberg, Director, Voinovich Center for Leadership and Public Affairs, Athens, OH Hugh Sherman, Associate Professor & Assistant Dean, Director of Graduate Programs, Ohio University College of Business, Athens, OH

Effective Media Relations for Incubators and Clients

Learn to "media" like a pro from press releases to photographer contracts, using traditional methods and the Internet. This session will reveal the best marketing strategies of incubators around the globe and give practical "how-to" media information for you and your clients.
Mary Shepard Spaeth, Executive Vice President, ANGLE Technology LLC, Herndon, VA

A Good Fit: Incubators, SBDCs, and WBCs

If you're not partnering with your regional Small Business Development Center (SBDC) or Women's Business Center (WBC) program, you may be working hard, not smart. This session gives a prescription for successful incubator/SBDC/WBC collaborations that result in top-notch business assistance for client companies.
Thea Chase, Director, Western Colorado Business Development Center, Grand Junction, CO
Thalia Mendez, Director of Business Incubation Programs, Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation, Milwaukee, WI

Meet the Incubator of the Year

Get an inside look the workings of one of the most successful incubation programs. The manager of the Randall M. Whaley Incubator of the Year Award winner will present a case study of his or her incubation program. And don't miss the unveiling of this winner at the Sunday night awards banquet!
Speaker to be announced

Getting More than Advice From A Network of Advisors

Entrepreneurs who've had great advisors during the startup days know better than anyone the value experts bring. Double or triple that value by morphing your advisor network into a support system for the entire incubation program. That's what is behind Shaking the Money Tree and the Special Interest Group programs, field tested at incubators in the Atlanta area. Find out how to adapt the ideas to your program.
Bonnie Herron, Vice President and Director, Intelligent Systems Incubator, Norcross, GA
Susan O'Dwyer, Marketing Manger, Technology Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Atlanta, GA

Roundtable Discussion: Companies Giving Back

Many incubators are beginning to receive meaningful support from graduates, including contributions, mentoring, public relations, and more. Learn the latest and brainstorm with other managers of nonprofit programs about other ways to engage alumni in the giving loop of the incubator and the community.
Jim Currie, Vice President, Science and Technology Campus, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Pat Hession, Director, Incubator Project, North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, Great Neck, NY
James Hayward, Collaborative Laboratories, Stoneybrook, NY

Roundtable Discussion: Getting Back on Mission

Somewhere along the way did your incubation program take a left turn away from its original mission? You're not alone. The varied agendas of board members and stakeholders or changes in personnel can easily knock a program off course. The facilitators will lead a discussion on how to get back to your original plan.
Shiu-Kai Chin, Director, CASE Center, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
Gary Lim, Managing Director, Program in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

3:30 - 6:00 p.m.

Host Incubator Reception and Tour
Edison Technology Incubator and BioEnterprise

Visit an incubation program (with two very different incubators) that has helped make Cleveland one of the country's technology hot spots. First opened in 1986 with a mission to ignite entrepreneurial activity in the area, these incubators have fostered the growth of more than 50 hi-tech companies that have created, among other innovations, the first artificial human chromosome, sensing devices for "smart" tires that warn drivers when pressure is too low, and medical devices that make surgery less invasive. As you tour this 1999 NBIA Incubator of the Year Award winner, enjoy a taste of Cleveland with dishes representing the cultural diversity of the city.

Edison Technology Incubator and BioEnterprise are part of Enterprise Development Inc., which also runs the Lewis Incubator for Technology (LIFT). If you are interested in visiting LIFT, join the extra-curricular Tour of Regional Incubators on Tuesday, May 23.

ETI and BioEnterprise Reception and Tour are free to conference attendees and registered guests. Attendees may begin boarding buses at 3:30. The last bus will leave the hotel at 4:15. The last bus will leave ETI and BioEnterprise at 5:30. Note that dinner is on your own tonight before the party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum at 7:00.

Host reception sponsored by The George Gund Foundation and Edison BioTechnology Center, Inc.

7 - 11 p.m.

NBIA's 15th Anniversary Party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Join us for an NBIA take-over of the House that Rock Built and network like a Wild Thing. Meet colleagues and make important contacts in front of John Lennon's glasses, Jimi Hendrix's velvet patchwork jacket, or Janis Joplin's Porsche.

This anniversary bash is free for all conference attendees. The Rock Hall is within walking distance of the hotel headquarters. Sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Bookstore will be open from 8:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Exhibits will be open during breaks.

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