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Tuesday, May 23

9:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

Adding Access-to-Market Services
In this two-part workshop, you'll learn strategies to help clients access sector-specific markets and adapt to changing market conditions. If you're thinking of expanding your business assistance toolbox, attend this session to gain programming ideas, assessment tools, and marketing savvy.

Betty Hurst, Appalmade Manager, BusinessStart of People, Abingdon, VA

9:45 – 11 a.m.

Incubators within Community Development Corporations (CDCs)
Not all incubation programs exist as stand-alone entities. Operating within an existing CDC represents an alternative model–one that can maximize a community's limited resources. Learn more about CDCs and the advantages and challenges of this partnership.

Mike Spady, Project Manager, Historic Northeast Restoration Corp., Kansas City, MO
Donna Bland, Manager, Business Center of Decatur, Decatur, IL
Michelle Strausbaugh, Community Outreach Partnership Center Coordinator, Historic Northeast Restroration Corp., Kansas City, MO

High Tech Incubator: Mission Possible?
Does your community have the critical ingredients necessary to develop fast-growth technology ventures? Find out what it takes–from underlying infrastructure to technology generators–and how to assess the feasibility of a high-tech incubator in your community.

Chuck Wolfe, Principal, Claggett Wolfe Associates, Auburn, CA

Country Reports – Business Incubation Abroad
Business incubators have sprung from fertile soil around the globe, supporting entrepreneurs from countries including Finland and Korea. These nations have significant incubation portfolios that offer a wealth of experience and lessons for others.

Hong Kim, Ph.D, President, Korean Business Incubation Association, Choongnam, Korea
Anders S. Nordstrom-Gadd, Director, Incubation Association Finland, Turku, Finland

Two Technology Incubators; Two Very Different Programs
Is incubation an art or a science? Is a highly structured framework or a more organic case-by-case approach best? Leaders of two new technology incubators generate sparks as they offer up their different, yet successful, approaches. You decide what's best for your clients.

Sam Florance, Director, Purdue Gateways Program, West Lafayette, IN Paul Wetenhall, Venture Coach, High Technology of Rochester's Lennox Tech Enterprise Center, Rochester, NY

Keys to Good Meetings
Meetings cost time and money, so make yours pay off. This session provides tips, demonstrations, and practices that will enhance the time spent in meetings. The secrets lie in good agenda development, participant preplanning, facilitation, and group decision-making. Colleagues may actually look forward to your meetings!

Marsha Lewis, Director, Ohio University Executive Leadership Institute, Athens, OH

Roundtable Discussion: Board Relations
The board is the cornerstone of an incubator. How can you build or retool yours to be highly effective? How can you make meetings fruitful? What task should your board members be performing? What types of people should sit on the board? These are just a few topics likely to surface in this open discussion.

Hope Player, Chairman of the Board, The New Century Venture Center, Roanoke, VA

Roundtable Discussion: Building an Incubation Association from the Ground Up
Every country has its own conditions that affect the structure of a business incubation association. Certain ingredients for success, however, know no borders. Incubation professionals from around the globe will discuss the mission, governance, services, membership structure, and other features of a dynamic incubation association.

11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

Right-Sizing the Right Staff
Smaller may be beautiful, but not when staffing an incubator: wearing too many hats can obscure vision and cause organizational nearsightedness. These managers have pulled off a hat trick— getting the necessary staff to serve clients, accomplish the program's goals, and grow a big-picture vision and mission.

Della Clark, President, The Enterprise Center, Philadelphia, PA
Joanne Randolph, Executive Director, BizTech, Huntsville, AL

Faith-based Involvement in Incubation (WECO)
Separation of church and state? Maybe. Separation of church and new company formation? More communities are saying, “No way.” Faith-based organizations with their intimate connection to a community are taking effective charge of economic development initiatives with great success. This success story will illustrate why.

Rural Incubator Seeds Industrial Park
Successful incubators need affordable space for graduate firms if they're to have lasting impact. Ninety percent of this rural incubator's graduates moved out of the county until it invested in its own spec buildings and industrial park. The result: jobs, revenues and growing political support.

L. Joseph Rahn, Executive Director, Hastings Industrial Incubator, Hastings, MI

Roundtable Discussion: Getting from R & D to Sustainable Companies
How can managers help increase their research and development technology firms' odds of success? A study of Israeli incubators identified five factors associated with successful companies – and others that didn't matter. Share your experiences and uncover universal truths.

Anat Frank, Project Manager, Israel Aircraft Industry, Raanana, Israel

What Every Startup Should Know About Going Global
There's a right time and a risky time to take a business global–a must for a growing number of companies. An expert from an innovative export assistance program reveals the trick of the trade: the time and the manner in which a startup enters the international market.

Roger Pfister, President, Ohio Export Assistance Network, Columbus, OH

1:00 — 8:30 p.m.

Tour of Regional Incubators
End conference with a look at a few regional success stories. The first stop is the Lewis Incubator For Technology (LIFT). With its close ties to NASA, LIFT clients develop new technologies cooperatively with the space agency. LIFT operates two sites. We will tour the Warrensville Heights facility, which incubates companies requiring lab space.
From Cleveland, we head south to the Akron Edison Industrial Incubator located in the former B.F. Goodrich industrial complex. Initially opened in 1983 in a 30,000 square foot facility, it went through two major expansions and moved to its current 129,000 square foot building in 1995. We'll tour this newly renovated downtown facility, which now incubates 26 companies ranging from nonprofits to manufacturers to high-tech leaders.
Finally, kick back and enjoy great food and beer. We're dining at the Great Lakes Brewing Company, which in 1988 opened as Cleveland's first microbrewery and the first brewpub in Ohio since Prohibition. Enjoy some of the most acclaimed beer in the country at the city's oldest mahogany bar. And don't overlook the food–their dishes have been featured in Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines.

Extra-curricular activity. $75 per person. Includes bus transportation and dinner. The bus departs the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel at 1 and returns at 8:30 p.m.

The NBIA bookstore will be open from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m..


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