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Conference Sessions

Following is a selection of what’s in store for conference participants – more than 60 sessions, including lectures, panels and roundtables. Browse through the descriptions to see what catches your eye. NBIA believes that all attendees will find valuable information in every session. Some sessions, however, will be particularly attractive to attendees interested in specific industry topics. These topics are noted at the end of each description.

Monday, May 19

Concurrent Sessions
9 – 10:15 a.m.

Tax Issues for Nonprofits

Two veteran tax professionals (a private-sector lawyer and an IRS official) will discuss tax-related issues of importance to tax-exempt business incubators. Gain perspective on topics including exemption compliance, executive compensation and fringe benefits, unrelated business income tax, IRS audits, and more.

Bill Brockner, Senior Conferee-Reviewer, IRS Exempt Organizations Division, Washington, DC
Janet Buehler, Esq., Cullen and Dykman Bleakley Platt LLP, New York, NY
Moderator: Sam Brooks, President and Chairman of the Board, Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs, Portland, OR

Incubator Entrance Policies

Incubator success is directly related to an incubator’s admission policies, and there are several “must-have” criteria to use when evaluating prospective clients for any incubator. Learn how to adapt a successful entrance program to your incubator and gain tips to guide the process.
Ed Hobbs, General Manager, Toronto Business Development Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada
Jean-Jacques Ledoux, Manager, Industrial Partnership Facility, National Research Council, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Sector-Focused Incubation Strategies

Think outside the box! Focusing on industry clusters or sectors can enhance incubator performance. Learn how to attract new clients and generate new revenue by creating new incubators or repositioning existing ones. Developers of 16 incubator projects will show you how it’s done.
Special Focus/Technology
Carol Kraus Lauffer, Principal, Business Cluster Development, Menlo Park, CA
Jim Robbins, Principal, Business Cluster Development, Menlo Park, CA

International Agencies: Incubation and Funding Trends

A panel of experts will discuss the international economic development community’s growing interest in business incubation and business assistance activities. Find out about the international donor agencies’ priorities and activities.
Sirkka Korpela, Director, Division of Business Partnerships, United Nations Development Program, New York, NY
Vivek Chaudhry, Program Administrator, World Bank, Washington, DC, Substituting for Daniel Crisafulli, Investment Officer, International Finance Corp., World Bank, Washington, DC
Facilitator: James Sanders, Director of New Ventures, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc.; Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Introduction to Enterprise Facilitation Part I

Following his keynote address, Ernesto Sirolli will elaborate on his approach to nurturing economic growth. In this double session, learn how to develop and strengthen entrepreneurial efforts in your community and how grassroots efforts can provide a sustainable environment for entrepreneurs.
Ernesto Sirolli, Founder and Director, Sirolli Institute, Sacramento, CA
Yvonne Fizer, Sales and Marketing, Sirolli Institute, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Technology Business Incubation: Measures of Success

What factors drive success at technology business incubation programs? Two researchers explored this very topic and found that the factors range from university linkages to proximity of research facilities to location to management team background to services offered. Come learn about these and other findings from two recent research projects.
David Lewis, Senior Research Fellow, National Center for Neighborhood and Brownfield Redevelopment, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Hugh Sherman, Associate Director, Voinovich Center for Leadership and Public Affairs, Ohio University, Athens, OH
Moderator: Susan Prado, Prado & Associates, Sierra Madre, CA

Why Market Your Start-Up Company?

Overcome company resistance to marketing and understand the value of marketing, branding and positioning. Learn the integral role marketing plays in the evolution and success of every start-up company from an advertising expert and incubator manager who have had success marketing start-ups.
Sandra Holtzman, President, Holtzman Communications LLC, New York, NY
Steve Clark, Director, Information Technology,Business Technology Center,
Columbus, OH

Concurrent Sessions
10:45 a.m. – noon

Economic Growth: Angels and Entrepreneurs

Start-up ventures often need patient, high-risk seed capital. Angel investors, a primary source of seed funding, can be difficult to identify and organize. Learn from an expert about the philosophy of angel investing and gain strategies for organizing and creating deal flow for investors.
Randall Goldsmith, Executive Director, San Antonio Technology Accelerator Initiative, San Antonio, TX
William Grissom, Chief Financial Officer, Oklahoma Technology Commercialization Center, Oklahoma City, OK
Tom Walker, Executive Vice President and COO, Oklahoma Technology Commercialization Center, Tulsa, OK
Moderator: Jim Finkle, Manager and Associate Director, Long Island High Technology, Stony Brook, NY

Incubator Exit Policies

Graduation policies are an important part of incubation success. Break down the exit process into length of stay, milestone requirements for graduates, and more. Learn how to adapt an effective graduation process to your incubator and gain tips to guide the process.
Ed Hobbs, General Manager, Toronto Business Development Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada
Jean-Jacques Ledoux, Manager, Industrial Partnership Facility, National Research Council, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Business Incubation in Japan: Current Practice and Recommendations

Research reveals that Japanese incubators vary greatly from their U.S. and European counterparts. The authors of a distinguished study describe the state of Japanese incubation, set forth findings and make recommendations for improvements. Although based on the Japanese experience, these findings would be useful to incubator developers everywhere.
Naoki Shibata, Research Assistant, Institute of Engineering Innovation, School of Engineering, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Kenzo Fujisue, Associate Professor, Engineering Research Department, University of Tokyo Graduate School, Tokyo, Japan
Naoki Shibata, Research Assistant, Institute of Engineering Innovation, School of Engineering, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Moderator: Carmen Vergara, General Manager, Panama Technology Business Accelerator
,Panama City, Panama

Old Buildings Create New Opportunities

Renovating existing buildings for business incubation projects can be effective. Speakers will present the pros and cons of re-using older structures, describe how buildings can match incubator missions and demonstrate how to avoid costly, even fatal flaws in building choice.
Ellen Gerl, Author, Bricks and Mortar: Renovating or Building a Business Incubation Facility, Athens, OH
Tom Mancuso, President & CEO, Mancuso Business Development Group, Batavia, NY
Moderator: Hope Player, Senior Consultant, Business Incubation Support Services International, Rochelle Park, NJ

Regional and Global Networks: Connect for Success

Scottish Enterprise has successfully implemented region-wide networks to support the growth of technology-based companies. This session will look at the value of self-contained networks and will examine the benefits and practicalities of the next step, geographically diverse networks.
Roddy MacAskill, Senior Executive, Scottish Enterprise Network, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
John Meiklejohn, Managing Director, Strategem Ltd., Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Moderator: JoAnn Fraser, Incubator Manager, Technology Innovation Centre, Kingston, Jamaica

Introduction to Enterprise Facilitation Part II

Following his keynote address, Ernesto Sirolli will elaborate on his approach to nurturing economic growth. In this double session, learn how to develop and strengthen entrepreneurial efforts in your community and how grassroots efforts can provide a sustainable environment for entrepreneurs.
Ernesto Sirolli, Founder and Director, Sirolli Institute, Sacramento, CA
Yvonne Fizer, Sales and Marketing, Sirolli Institute, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Human Resources: Help Is Here!

Human resources (HR) activities take time and resources. This workshop will teach you to communicate effectively with employees and understand the challenges employment laws present. Take away an HR toolkit filled with Web sites, checklists and resources to aid your HR needs.
Robin Ramey, Program Manager, Human Resource Programs, Voinovich Center for Leadership and Public Affairs, Ohio University, Athens, OH
Moderator: Adele Lyons, Executive Director, Gulf Coast Business Technology Center, Biloxi, MS

Setting Up and Operating Women’s Incubators Internationally

The award-winning Australian CREEDA incubator network has developed a mixed-use incubator and multiple training programs to spark re-employment and venture creation among laid-off women workers in Tianjin, China. Learn about this and another similar project, then compare and contrast lessons learned in developing country contexts.
International/Revitalization/Special Focus
Julian Webb, Chief Executive, CREEDA Business Centers, Canberra, Australia
Fengling Ma, Director, Tianjin Business Incubation Center, Tianjin, People’s Republic of China
Wendy Werkmeister, President, Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative
Corporation, Milwaukee, WI
Yan Wang, Incubator Manager, Tianjin Women's Business Incubator, Tianjin,
Moderator: Thalia Mendez, Director, Incubation and Education Initiatives, Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corp., Milwaukee, WI

Concurrent Sessions
2:15 – 3:30 p.m.

Funding Sources for Emerging Growth Companies in a Challenging Economy

Start-up companies have many different financing options. Get an overview of the pros and cons of different financing sources for start-ups including venture capitalists, banks and SBIR grants, and learn how to develop a bank loan application.
Scott Townsend, Esq., Junior Partner, Hale and Dorr LLP, Reston, VA
Devron Veasley, Director, Bessemer Business Incubation System, Bessemer, AL
Moderator: Bob Calcaterra, CEO and President, Nidus Center for Scientific Enterprise, St. Louis, MO

Building International Linkages Between Technology Start-Up Firms

Three Americans actively linking U.S. and Japanese start-ups will discuss their efforts to accelerate technology transfer between nations. The speakers will discuss the challenges of linking start-ups, share their knowledge about growing successful entrepreneurial partnerships, and focus on realities driving the globalization of business incubation.
Blaine Carman, Managing Director, U.S.-Japan Business Incubation Center, San Jose, CA
Tim Lavengood, Managing Director, Technology Innovation Center, Evanston, IL
Allen Miner, President and CEO, SunBridge Corp., Tokyo, Japan
Moderator: Dick Reeves, President, Business Technology Development Center Inc., Huntsville, AL

Securing Public and Private Sector Funding

There are always multiple candidates competing for finite resources. Learn how to make your program stand out and how to implement marketing strategies that public- and private-sector leaders will buy into. Discover the five fundamental elements of garnering resources.
Charles Stein, President, Strategic Development Services, Powell, OH
Moderator: Karl LaPan, President and CEO, Northeast Indiana Innovation Center Inc., Fort Wayne, IN

Key Documents and Policies for Business Incubation Programs

Successful incubation programs make effective use of documents such as leases, graduation policies, client handbooks and nondisclosure agreements. Such documents limit an incubator's liability and provide a record of significant relationships. Come learn about the importance of documentation and gain tips for crafting documents for your program.
Newt Fowler, Partner, Venable LLP, Baltimore, MD
Jim Greenwood, President, Greenwood Consulting Group, Sanibel, FL

Enterprise Support for Young People

Wandsworth Youth Enterprise has successfully tackled major challenges including unemployment, social exclusion and lack of opportunities for young people. Come learn how a business assistance approach tailored to young people ages 17-30 has successfully promoted self-employment in the United Kingdom and five other countries.
International/Special Focus/Revitalization
Michael Manning-Prior, Director, Wandsworth Youth Enterprise Centre, London, England, UK
Miklos Mlynarik, Manager, Budapest Youth Enterprise Center, Budapest, Hungary
Moderator: Jim Graham, Director, Information Technology Resource Center, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Designing Effective Surveys to Assess Client Satisfaction

Your incubation program offers clients many services and amenities. But how do you know which features clients value most? And how do you assess clients’ satisfaction? Find out how two very different incubators – one biotech and one mixed use – have created surveys that effectively assess client satisfaction.
Special Focus
Vicki Jenings, Director of Research Park Operations, Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority, Aurora, CO
Jeff Lake, President and COO, A Business Center for Developing Enterprises Inc., Evansville, IN
Moderator: Chuck Wolfe, Principal, Claggett Wolfe Associates, Auburn, CA

Roundtable: New Managers Forum

Learn how new incubator managers face the challenge of running an incubator program with little or no industry experience. Whether your incubator is new or you are new to it, speed up the learning curve by sharing experiences with colleagues.
Marie Longserre, President and CEO, Santa Fe Business Incubator, Santa Fe, NM

Concurrent Sessions
4 – 5:15 p.m.

Trends and New Developments in Tech-Based Economic Development

States and regions are facing one of the worst fiscal crises in decades. It is critical that tech-based economic development’s role in strengthening state and local economies is not lost in policy debates. Explore developments in the field, and the subsequent implications for incubator managers and policy makers.
Deborah Cummings, Technology Partnership Practice, Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH
Moderator: Francisco Soares, Executive Director, API Capital, Lisbon, Portugal

Rural Entrepreneurship Support: Elements of Success

What are the elements of successful entrepreneurship support in rural areas? What can we learn from rural communities actively engaged in supporting entrepreneurs? This session will draw on the fieldwork, practices and tools collected in diverse rural communities by the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship.
Deborah Markley, Co-Director, Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, Chapel Hill, NC
Moderator: David McNamara, Director of Incubation, BioSCIENCE Enterprise Centre, Halifax, NS, Canada

Building a New Facility: A Little Guesswork and a Lot of Planning

Need more space—or a space at all? Follow the case study of the Ohio University Innovation Center and learn how to secure funding, choose an architect, design the right space for an unknown mix of clients and more. Take home ideas for planning your next construction project.
Linda Clark, Director, Ohio University Innovation Center, Athens, OH
Ellen Gerl, Author, Bricks and Mortar: Renovating or Building a Business Incubation
Facility, Athens, OH
Moderator: Lorne Ross, Executive Director, Northern Alberta Business Incubator, St. Albert, AB, Canada

Incubator Support for Developing Countries

InfoDev, a multi-donor grant program at the World Bank, has recently launched a major incubator initiative. A contract has been awarded to the Brazilian Business Incubation Association (ANPROTEC) and the International Business Incubator to set up a Support Center and assist incubators in developing countries to incorporate best practices and share experiences. Learn how this project could serve your needs.
Luis Bermudez, President, ANPROTEC, Brasilia, Brazil
Vivek Chaudhry, Program Administrator, World Bank, Washington, DC
Barbara Harley, Executive Director, International Business Incubator, San Jose, CA
Jose Eduardo Fiates, Vice President, ANPROTEC, Brasilia, Brazil
Paulo de Miranda, Director, iDISC, Brasilia, Brazil

The Corporate Connection

Venture capital. Intellectual property. Product assessment and validation. Marketing channels. Clearly, corporate resources can be critical for a new enterprise’s success. But how can incubator managers help clients make those connections? Learn effective matchmaking methods from these experienced managers.
For Profit/International
Harlan Jacobs, President and Founder, Genesis Business Centers, Ltd., Columbia Heights, MN
Chris Raman, Chief Commercial Officer, GorillaPark, Gent, Belgium
Moderator: Andrew Maxwell, Managing Director, Exceler@tor, Toronto, ON, Canada

Meet the Incubator of the Year

Get an inside look at the workings of one of the industry’s most successful incubation programs. The manager of this year’s Randall M. Whaley Incubator of the Year will present a case study of his or her incubation program. And don't miss the unveiling of this winner at Monday’s awards luncheon.
Speaker to be announced
Moderator: Normand de Montigny, Executive Director, Quebec Biotechnology Innovation Centre, Laval, PQ, Canada

Roundtable: State Incubation Associations

Interested in starting a state incubation association or growing your current association? Join this roundtable discussion to learn from others who have successfully formed strong state or regional associations. Topics will include formation and benefits of associations, how to recruit and retain members, and networking and training opportunities.
Lisa Ison, President, The New Century Venture Center; Secretary/Treasurer, Virginia Business Incubation Association, Roanoke, VA
Thalia Mendez, Director, Business Incubation and Education Initiatives, Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation; President, Wisconsin Business Incubation Association, Milwaukee, WI

Tuesday, May 20

Concurrent Sessions
8:45 – 10 a.m.

Key Issues in Developing and Managing Biotechnology Incubators

Developing a biotech incubator is a science of its own, from business planning and funding to design and management. Hear how the convergence of biotechnology, information technology and other sciences can impact the development of biotech incubators and the building of a biotech cluster.
Special Focus/Technology/University
Jim Robbins, Principal, Business Cluster Development, Menlo Park, CA
Ru Weerakoon, Director of Development, San Jose Redevelopment Agency, San Jose, CA
Normand de Montigny, Executive Director, Quebec Biotechnology Innovation Centre, Laval, PQ, Canada

Accountability: Measuring Economic Impacts of Incubation Programs

Can you show stakeholders the return on their investment in your incubator? Come discuss principles and issues, and help identify appropriate benchmarks and best practice approaches for measuring economic impacts of incubators. Share insights into implementing, managing and/or improving these systems.

Gary Evans, CEO, ANGLE Technology Group, Charlottesville, VA
Richard Seline, Principal and Founder, New Economy Strategies, Washington, DC
Moderator: Phil Helgerson, Director, Applied Technology Development, Augusta, ME

National Labs and Incubators: Partners in Technology Commercialization

The National Research Council of Canada and the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan maintain thriving business incubators to commercialize technologies and spur national economic competitiveness. Learn why these premier national science and technology institutions support incubator creation and how they’ve achieved sound returns on investment.
Jean-Jacques Ledoux, Manager, Industry Partnership Facility, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Walter Wu, Senior Manager, Incubator Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsinchu City, Taiwan
Moderator: Chuck Erickson, Managing Director, Software Business Cluster, San Jose, CA

Breaking Through the Noise: Effective Public Relations for Incubators

The challenging economic climate means it's more critical than ever to effectively communicate your incubator's and client companies' visions. Discover how to build an effective public relations strategy and create a comprehensive plan that will utilize traditional and emerging media platforms to frame that strategy.
Jeanette De Diemar, Business Marketing Manager, @Wales Digital Media Initiative, Welsh Development Agency, Cardiff Bay, Wales, UK
Sheri Baer, Broadcast Director, The Hoffman Agency, San Jose, CA
Moderator: Michelle Savage, Director of Investor Relations, PR Newswire, New York, NY

Raising the Standard for Business Incubation Programs

Incubator benchmarking and quality assurance are topics of the day. Incubator managers, stakeholders and national and state program officials will appreciate this discussion of vastly different quality assurance and certification programs being pursued in the United Kingdom and Germany.
Rolf Friedrichsdorf, Deputy Chairman, Association of German Business Incubation and Innovation Centers; General Manager, PHÖNIX, Gründerzentrum am Borsigturm, Berlin, Germany
Peter Harman, Deputy Chief Executive, United Kingdom Business Incubation, England, UK
Moderator: Marie Lussier, Manager, CRC Innovation Centre, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Arts Incubators in Small Towns and Rural Areas

Arts incubation programs have proven their mettle as viable economic development tools, but adapting the concept to rural settings can be problematic. This session’s presenters acknowledge challenges but demonstrate that creative thinking can open up opportunities for success.
Rural/Special Focus
Patricia Cabe, Director of Community Development, HandMade in America, Asheville, NC
Jim Greenwood, President, Greenwood Consulting Group, Sanibel, FL
Moderator: Mary Kahn Davis, President, Arts Incubator Development, Inc., Metairie, LA

Roundtable: Post-Incubation

Although graduates no longer need full incubation services, they’re not always fully prepared to be on their own. Discuss how a second stage or post-incubation program can help graduates ease into the next phase of business growth and determine if this type of program is right for your incubator.
Wayne Barz, Manager, Entrepreneurial Services, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Bethlehem, PA
Edward Sybert, Director, Technology Advancement Program, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Concurrent Sessions
10:30 – 11:45 a.m.

New Approach to Creating a Successful Technology-Based Incubator

A nontraditional incubator concept has been successfully implemented at Rose-Hulman Ventures. This technology-based incubator provides technical assistance through its product development center, business and entrepreneurial assistance, seed funding up to $1.5 million per client, and world-class facilities. Hear perspectives of incubator management as well as incubator clients.
Brij Khorana, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Rose-Hulman Ventures, Terre Haute, IN
John Davidson, Chief Operating Officer, Elastic Image Incorporated, Indianapolis, IN
J.P. Mellor, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering/Innovation Fellow, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology/Rose-Hulman Ventures, Terre Haute, IN
Moderator: Robert DeWitty, Product Development Counsel, Outsource Product Manufacture LLC, Baltimore, MD

Higher Education: Fostering Entrepreneurship in Rural Communities

Learn how two institutions of higher education have spearheaded effective rural economic development strategies—with incubation at the core. A Georgia effort offers capacity-building and entrepreneurial training in 17 of the state’s poorest counties; in Maryland, a three-county incubator network has galvanized local communities.
Phyllis Isley, Director of Georgia Southern University’s Bureau of Business Research and Economic Development, Statesboro, GA
Allan Kutz, Director, College of Southern Maryland’s Economic Development Institute, La Plata, MD
Facilitator: Chuck Wolfe, Principal, Claggett Wolfe Associates, Auburn, CA

Dynamic Incubator Networks Magnify Regional Impacts

Both the East Sweden Growlink Network and Southeast England Economic
Development Agency’s (SEEDA) Enterprise Hubs maximize regional and national benefits
through networks. Growlink combines the resources of traditional business development, university commercialization, financial institutions and private firms, while SEEDA manages a network of 15 hubs for innovation and entrepreneurial activity. Learn how to create your own network to develop businesses.
Mikael Hult, CEO/President, Mjärdevi Business Incubator, Linköping, Sweden
Greg Ward, Head of Business Incubation Services, SEEDA, Guildford, England,
Moderator: Mary Spaeth, President, Transmera AB, Linköping, Sweden

Marketing Your Incubator

Need to update your incubator’s marketing plan? Learn how to develop a successful marketing plan based on materials customized for the incubation industry. Experts in both rural and urban incubators will share their best marketing strategies.
Cameron Wold, Community Development Specialist, Panhandle Area Council, Hayden, ID
Jim Deffenbaugh, Executive Director, Panhandle Area Council, Hayden, ID
Wendy Werkmeister, President, Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative
Corporation, Milwaukee, WI
Moderator: Jeff Lake, President and COO, A Business Center for Developing Enterprises Inc., Evansville, IN

Tips and Tools for Encouraging Young Entrepreneurs

Many incubation programs are learning that young people play a vital role in the entrepreneurial pipeline. But every strategy you use to connect with “grown up” entrepreneurs won’t necessarily work with a younger audience. Come to this session to gain strategies for helping youth in your community explore entrepreneurship.
Special Focus/Revitalization
Lee Huang, Director, YES Program, The Enterprise Center, Philadelphia, PA
Raegan LaRochelle, Youth Entrepreneurship Coach, The Enterprise Center, Philadelphia, PA
Russ Combs, Technology Ventures Director, ACEnet, Athens, OH

The Entrepreneur and the Entrepreneur Enabler – Missing Links in Business Incubation?

Successful entrepreneurs must have certain qualities to succeed. Likewise, incubator staff must have the skills to enable entrepreneurial success. Explore six key entrepreneurial characteristics that will help you to better understand and evaluate clients and staff.
John Thompson, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Huddersfield University Business School, Huddersfield, England, UK
Moderator: Angela Cain, Incubator Manager, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, San Francisco, CA

Concurrent Sessions
2:30 – 3:45 p.m.

Managing an Incubator Service Provider Network

A network of service providers can be a manager’s best friend—if it’s leveraging your resources while serving clients’ needs. Come join this discussion about establishing or fine tuning an existing service provider network.
Simon Balint, Acting Director, Rensselaer Incubator Program, Troy, NY
Jerome Mahone, Executive Director, National Environmental Technology Incubator, Wilberforce, OH
Facilitator: Jeff Milanette, President, Innovative Partners, Inc., Westfield, NJ

Staying on Track: The Client Review Process

Meeting regularly with clients to assess progress creates a dialog that allows both incubator and client to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Find out how instituting a client review process can help you keep clients on track, the incubator’s services relevant, your records up to date and communication lines open.
Sharon Sallot, Director, Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, Fort Wayne, IN
Bill Simon, Vice President and COO, Center for Emerging Technologies, St. Louis, MO
Moderator: Sherrie Gilchrist, President and CEO, Chattanooga African American Chamber of Commerce, Chattanooga, TN

Best Practices in Asian Business Incubation

Representatives of the Association of Asian Business Incubation (AABI) will demonstrate how the region’s top incubators operate and, specifically, how they are enhancing business support services for clients. Learn how these incubators are fast-forwarding success for their programs and their clients.
Hong Kim, President, Korea Business Incubation Association; Vice President, Association of Asian Business Incubation, Choongnam, South Korea
Toshihiro Kose, Chief Executive, Industry and Science Promotion Bureau, Kitakyoshu, Japan
Dinyar Lalkaka, Partner, Business & Technology Development Strategies LLC, New York, NY
Dae Ho Kim, Professor, MOKWON University, Business Director, Korea Business Incubation Association, Korea
Kazunori Iizuka, Exective Vice President, JETRO, Director General, AABI Secretariat
Sao-cheng Chiou, Secretary-General of CBIA, GeneralDirector of the Technology Transfer and Service Centre of Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI)
Moderator: Hirokazu Okumura, Executive Advisor, Japan Association of New Business Incubation Organizations, Tokyo, Japan

Creating an Inner-City Entrepreneurial Campus

The Enterprise Center CDC, owner of the famed, award-winning Philadelphia incubator, is poised to maximize benefits to its inner-city neighborhood. This program's visionary leader is spearheading creation of a $100 million, 500,000-square-foot entrepreneurial campus to attract office, technology and retail businesses, with the aim of maximizing job creation and attracting capital investment.
Della Clark, President, The Enterprise Center, Philadelphia, PA
Moderator: Richard Mullins, Managing Director, Institute of Technology & Business Development, New Britain, CT

Lobbying: What Works and What’s Legal

How can you best promote your incubator and its programs to public officials? What messages and techniques are effective? More importantly, what's legal? Gain tips, tools and ideas for informing public officials about your program and the business incubation industry.
Erik Pages, President, EntreWorks Consulting, Arlington, VA
Moderator: Lawrence Albertson, President, LPA Associates, Gainesville, FL

New Eras in Entrepreneurship Support – The United Kingdom and New Zealand

Learn about the rapid development of business incubation and entrepreneur support programs in these nations at opposite ends of the globe. These speakers will provide overviews on incubation in their countries and how their national governments have promoted business incubation strategies.
Peter Barrowclough, Incubator Development Manager, Industry New Zealand, Christchurch, New Zealand
Malcolm Buckler, Chief Executive, United Kingdom Business Incubation, Aston Science Park, Birmingham, England, UK
Moderator: Chris Kirk, Director, Research Initiatives and Innovation, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Roundtable: Balancing Needs at a University Incubator

Providing and sustaining an entrepreneurial environment in the university system can be challenging. Learn how the Stevens Institute of Technology has devised strategies to create an entrepreneurial community within the academia and discuss issues such as student and faculty attraction and retention, patenting and licensing policies, building endowments, administrative accountability and community involvement.
Gina Boesch, Chair, New Jersey Business Incubation Network, Newark, NJ

Wednesday, May 21

Concurrent Sessions
9 – 10:15 a.m.

Multiple Roles of the Incubator Manager

Do you often feel overwhelmed by multiple tasks that all seem important? Learn how to prioritize tasks and responsibilities while keeping your board, clients and stakeholders happy.
Lisa Ison, President, The New Century Venture Center, Roanoke, VA
Michael Carter, Executive Director, Richlands Business Incubator, Richlands, VA
Moderator: Don Betts, Associate Manager, Advanced Technology Development Center Entrepreneur Network, Douglas, GA
Moderator: Jasper Welch, Director, San Juan College, Enterprise Center, Farmington, NM

Innovative Partnerships for Technology Incubation

Two Virginia technology incubators achieve their missions by tapping community resources. Partnering with local universities as well as entrepreneur support and technology commercialization programs helps everyone succeed. Gain ideas to enhance your incubator’s efforts and your community’s economic health.
Special Focus/Technology
David Lohr, Executive Director, Virginia Biosciences Development Center, Richmond, VA
Marty Kaszubowski, Director, Hampton Roads Technology Incubator, Norfolk, VA
Moderator: Lisa Smith, Senior Executive, ANGLE Technology LLC, Vienna, VA

New Markets Tax Credits

The New Markets Tax Credit program, authorized for $15 billion over seven years, can help fund economic development in distressed rural and urban areas. Learn how the program works and how establishing a Community Development Entity (CDE) can help you access this and other sources of funding for entrepreneurs.
James Carras, Principal, Carras Community Investment, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Moderator: Ed Harrell, Executive Director, Murata Business Center, Carlisle, PA

Getting Credit Where Credit Is Due

Entrepreneurs need to establish and monitor personal and commercial credit. Do you check a prospective client’s credit report? You should – and clients seeking business loans can be sure the creditors will. Learn how to help clients grow their companies to the next level by ensuring their credit readiness.
Joyce Walden, President, Integrity Financial Solutions, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Moderator: Giles McDaniel, Executive Director, Northeast Alabama Entrepreneurial System, Anniston, AL

Worldwide Models for Food Business Incubation

Food business venture centers and kitchen incubators worldwide have contributed to their regions’ economic health. However, there are varying organizational structures and different needs for funding, facilities, services and fees, depending on regional resources. Use these models and lessons learned to assemble a successful program for your rural or urban community.
International/Rural/Special Focus
Lou Cooperhouse, Director, Rutgers University Food Innovation Research & Extension Center, Bridgeton, NJ
John Borchert, Chairman of the Board, Hudson Valley FOODWORKS, Poughkeepsie, NY
Jim Smith, Director, Strategic Research & Technical Services, Prince Edward Island Food Technology Centre, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Margaret Brennan, Associate Director, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment
Station, New Brunswick, NJ

Go Ahead … Ask!

Pick the brains of a venture capital investor, a corporate technology investor and a successful company founder-turned-private investor. This panel has decades of experience guiding entrepreneurs and young venture-backed company management teams. Ask the company-building questions keeping you up at night.
Peter Bianco, Senior Partner, Milestone Equity Partners Northern Virginia LLC, Falls Church, VA
Nelson Cooney, Managing Partner, Milestone Equity Partners LLC, Montgomery Village, MD
Ned Lilly, President and CEO, Open MFG LLC, Norfolk, VA
Facilitator: Mark Fedeli, Director of Communication, Milestone Equity Partners Northern Virginia LLC, Falls Church, VA

Concurrent Sessions
10:45 a.m. – noon

Competition’s Winning Ways

Are you looking for ways to encourage clients to focus on the elements necessary for early-stage funding and rapid market penetration? Are you seeking clients with solid growth potential? Come learn how these managers use competitions to encourage entrepreneurial success and simultaneously enhance awareness of their incubation programs.
Kay Wade, Director, Meridian Technology Center for Business Development, Stillwater, OK
Joel Wiggins, Director, Austin Technology Incubator, Austin, TX
Joel Stevenson, Director, University of South Carolina Columbia Technology Incubator, Columbia, SC
Moderator: Fred Andrews, CEO, Fred Andrews Consulting Services, Springfield, MA

Forums Redux

Conference sessions have offered a wealth of ideas and successful programs to emulate. Come meet with colleagues to compare notes, exchange business cards and bounce off new ideas. The networks you create through forums will continue conference conversations and other information exchanges throughout the year.
Tuesday’s Forum’s Luncheon inaugurated discussions on creating new topics for NBIA’s Forums Program. This session permits an opportunity to further those developments.

Incubators With Community Development Goals: Building Resources and Partnerships

Community buy-in is essential to the successful launch of incubator initiatives. Panelists will discuss creative and proven methods for establishing and leveraging partnerships with local government, the media and the local business community. Participants also will receive tools to develop individual partnership-building plans.
Steve Cohen, Senior Program Associate, Seedco, New York, NY
Lee Huang, Director, YES Program, The Enterprise Center, Philadelphia, PA
Thalia Mendez, Director, Business Incubation and Education Initiatives, Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation

Roundtable: Innovative Approaches to Public Funding

Most incubators receive public funding, and governments worldwide are increasingly focused on the returns on their investments. Explore innovative ways to compensate incubators for the social services they provide. Think out of the box as the presenters spark ideas on best practices for incubator funding in light of the public goods they provide.
Dinyar Lalkaka, Partner, Business & Technology Development Strategies LLC, New York, NY
Barbara Harley, Executive Director, International Business Incubator, San Jose, CA
Julian Webb, Chief Executive, CREEDA Business Centers, Canberra, Australia
Fengling Ma, Director, Tianjin Business Incubation Center, Tianjin, People’s Republic of China

Technology Incubation, Economic Development Research Updates

Office of Technology Policy funding has supported three new studies highlighting incubators among other tech development strategies. This session’s speakers will report on exemplary federal-laboratory based economic development practices; a technology incubator benchmarking project; and emerging U.S. business development trends in 22 nations in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.
Dinah Adkins, President & CEO, National Business Incubation Association, Athens, OH
Chris Israel, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Technology Policy, Office of Technology Policy, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.
Cris Johnsrud, President, Pathfinder Research, High Springs, FL
Diane L. Palmintera, President, Innovation Associates, Inc., Reston, VA


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