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Wednesday, May 21

Atlanta Kickoff Breakfast

7:30 – 8:30 a.m., Grand Ballroom
See Highlights & Activities for details.

Keynote Address
8 – 8:45 a.m., Grand Ballroom
See Highlights & Activities for details.

Concurrent Sessions
9 – 10:15 a.m.

Multiple Roles of the Incubator Manager

Do you often feel overwhelmed by multiple tasks that all seem important? Learn how to prioritize tasks and responsibilities while keeping your board, clients and stakeholders happy.
Lisa Ison, President, The New Century Venture Center, Roanoke, VA
Michael Carter, Executive Director, Richlands Business Incubator, Richlands, VA
Moderator: Don Betts, Associate Manager, Advanced Technology Development Center Entrepreneur Network, Douglas, GA
Moderator: Jasper Welch, Director, San Juan College, Enterprise Center, Farmington, NM

Innovative Partnerships for Technology Incubation

Two Virginia technology incubators achieve their missions by tapping community resources. Partnering with local universities as well as entrepreneur support and technology commercialization programs helps everyone succeed. Gain ideas to enhance your incubator’s efforts and your community’s economic health.
Special Focus/Technology
David Lohr, Executive Director, Virginia Biosciences Development Center, Richmond, VA
Marty Kaszubowski, Director, Hampton Roads Technology Incubator, Norfolk, VA
Moderator: Lisa Smith, Senior Executive, ANGLE Technology LLC, Vienna, VA

New Markets Tax Credits

The New Markets Tax Credit program, authorized for $15 billion over seven years, can help fund economic development in distressed rural and urban areas. Learn how the program works and how establishing a Community Development Entity (CDE) can help you access this and other sources of funding for entrepreneurs.
James Carras, Principal, Carras Community Investment, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Moderator: Ed Harrell, Executive Director, Murata Business Center, Carlisle, PA

Getting Credit Where Credit Is Due

Entrepreneurs need to establish and monitor personal and commercial credit. Do you check a prospective client’s credit report? You should – and clients seeking business loans can be sure the creditors will. Learn how to help clients grow their companies to the next level by ensuring their credit readiness.
Joyce Walden, President, Integrity Financial Solutions, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Moderator: Giles McDaniel, Executive Director, Northeast Alabama Entrepreneurial System, Anniston, AL

Worldwide Models for Food Business Incubation

Food business venture centers and kitchen incubators worldwide have contributed to their regions’ economic health. However, there are varying organizational structures and different needs for funding, facilities, services and fees, depending on regional resources. Use these models and lessons learned to assemble a successful program for your rural or urban community.
International/Rural/Special Focus
Lou Cooperhouse, Director, Rutgers University Food Innovation Research & Extension Center, Bridgeton, NJ
John Borchert, Chairman of the Board, Hudson Valley FOODWORKS, Poughkeepsie, NY
Jim Smith, Director, Strategic Research & Technical Services, Prince Edward Island Food Technology Centre, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Margaret Brennan, Associate Director, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment
Station, New Brunswick, NJ

Go Ahead … Ask!

Pick the brains of a venture capital investor, a corporate technology investor and a successful company founder-turned-private investor. This panel has decades of experience guiding entrepreneurs and young venture-backed company management teams. Ask the company-building questions keeping you up at night.
Peter Bianco, Senior Partner, Milestone Equity Partners Northern Virginia LLC, Falls Church, VA
Nelson Cooney, Managing Partner, Milestone Equity Partners LLC, Montgomery Village, MD
Ned Lilly, President and CEO, Open MFG LLC, Norfolk, VA
Facilitator: Mark Fedeli, Director of Communication, Milestone Equity Partners Northern Virginia LLC, Falls Church, VA

10:15 – 10:45 a.m., Grand Ballroom

Concurrent Sessions
10:45 a.m. – noon

Competition’s Winning Ways

Are you looking for ways to encourage clients to focus on the elements necessary for early-stage funding and rapid market penetration? Are you seeking clients with solid growth potential? Come learn how these managers use competitions to encourage entrepreneurial success and simultaneously enhance awareness of their incubation programs.
Kay Wade, Director, Meridian Technology Center for Business Development, Stillwater, OK
Joel Wiggins, Director, Austin Technology Incubator, Austin, TX
Joel Stevenson, Director, University of South Carolina Columbia Technology Incubator, Columbia, SC
Moderator: Fred Andrews, CEO, Fred Andrews Consulting Services, Springfield, MA

Forums Redux

Conference sessions have offered a wealth of ideas and successful programs to emulate. Come meet with colleagues to compare notes, exchange business cards and bounce off new ideas. The networks you create through forums will continue conference conversations and other information exchanges throughout the year.
Tuesday’s Forum’s Luncheon inaugurated discussions on creating new topics for NBIA’s Forums Program. This session permits an opportunity to further those developments.

Incubators With Community Development Goals: Building Resources and Partnerships

Community buy-in is essential to the successful launch of incubator initiatives. Panelists will discuss creative and proven methods for establishing and leveraging partnerships with local government, the media and the local business community. Participants also will receive tools to develop individual partnership-building plans.
Steve Cohen, Senior Program Associate, Seedco, New York, NY
Lee Huang, Director, YES Program, The Enterprise Center, Philadelphia, PA
Thalia Mendez, Director, Business Incubation and Education Initiatives, Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation

Roundtable: Innovative Approaches to Public Funding

Most incubators receive public funding, and governments worldwide are increasingly focused on the returns on their investments. Explore innovative ways to compensate incubators for the social services they provide. Think out of the box as the presenters spark ideas on best practices for incubator funding in light of the public goods they provide.
Dinyar Lalkaka, Partner, Business & Technology Development Strategies LLC, New York, NY
Barbara Harley, Executive Director, International Business Incubator, San Jose, CA
Julian Webb, Chief Executive, CREEDA Business Centers, Canberra, Australia
Fengling Ma, Director, Tianjin Business Incubation Center, Tianjin, People’s Republic of China

Technology Incubation, Economic Development Research Updates

Office of Technology Policy funding has supported three new studies highlighting incubators among other tech development strategies. This session’s speakers will report on exemplary federal-laboratory based economic development practices; a technology incubator benchmarking project; and emerging U.S. business development trends in 22 nations in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.
Dinah Adkins, President & CEO, National Business Incubation Association, Athens, OH
Chris Israel, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Technology Policy, Office of Technology Policy, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.
Cris Johnsrud, President, Pathfinder Research, High Springs, FL
Diane L. Palmintera, President, Innovation Associates, Inc., Reston, VA

Venture Capital Forum
12:15 – 1:45 p.m., Grand Ballroom
See Highlights & Activities for details.

Berkeley Plantation and Coach House Dinner Tour
3:30 – 8:30 p.m.
See Highlights & Activities for details.


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