NBIA's 23rd International Conference

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Conference Sessions

With more than 60 sessions to choose from, including lectures, panels and roundtable discussions, NBIA’s 2009 conference will offer something for everyone. Please check this page frequently, as we will be adding more session descriptions soon.

Sessions marked with a star qualify as meeting requirements for the NBIA Incubator Management Certificate Program. Click here for more information about program requirements.

Monday, April 20, 9:00 – 10:15 a.m.

Sustainable Models for Rural Business Incubation

Learn about effective models for successful, sustainable rural business incubators. The presenters will discuss super nonprofit, networked and hosted models for rural incubators and reveal how their organizational structures support efficient programs that provide greater resources to entrepreneurs and better return on investment for stakeholders.
Jonathon Benson, Chief Executive Officer, Wyoming Technology Business Center, Laramie, Wyo.
Thea Chase Gilman, Assistant Professor of Business, Mesa State College, Grand Junction, Colo.
Jeff Reid, Associate Director, West Texas A&M University Enterprise Network, Amarillo, Texas

Operating a Wet Lab on a “Dry” Budget

Find out how to optimize your facility for life science, biomedical and technical clients. Presenters will cover topics such as building new facilities, expanding existing facilities, determining equipment needs, maintaining your facility and more.
James Hill, Architect, BSA LifeStructures, Indianapolis, Ind.
Chris Lake, Architect, BSA LifeStructures, Indianapolis, Ind.
Mark Long, President, Long Performance Advisors, Greenwood, Ind.

Optimizing Advisory Boards for Incubator Client Companies

This session provides tools and best practices for accelerating client companies by using advisory boards. The presenters will share case studies from incubator managers, incubator companies and investors.
James Sanders, Director, New Ventures, Honeywell Technology Solutions/Board Member, NeoTech Incubator, Columbia, Md.
Joel Wiggins, CEO & President, Enterprise Center of Johnson County, Lenexa, Kan.

A Roadmap for Incubator Development

Learn how to successfully develop an incubator and stay on budget. The speakers – an experienced incubator developer and a manager of an award-winning incubator – will share tips for planning your incubator, fitting up a facility, attracting companies and more.
Carol Lauffer, Partner, Business Cluster Development, Palo Alto, Calif.
Lou Cooperhouse, Director, Rutgers University Food Innovation Center, Bridgeton, N.J.

Roundtable: Working With Women Entrepreneurs

The presenters will describe best practices for working with women entrepreneurs. Then, they will lead a discussion exploring ideas for encouraging women business owners, the merits of having business assistance programs focused on women, and more.
Patricia Dlamini, Manager, Maxum Business Incubator, Innovation Hub, Pretoria, South Africa
Julie Lenzer-Kirk, President & CEO, Path Forward International, Damascus, Md.

An Overview of the SBIR/STTR Programs

Through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs, the U.S. government awards more than $2.5 billion to small businesses each year. The speaker will share summaries of both programs and explain the resources that are available to help your clients.
Kris Parmelee, President, Parmelee Consulting Group, Indianapolis, Ind.

How to Get Your Community Involved

This session focuses on creating strong partnerships between the incubator and the community. Find out how to get support from local government, industry and professional service providers – and how to keep these groups involved.
Tonya Elmore, Executive Director, STAR Technology Enterprise Center, Largo, Fla.
Tom O’Neal
, Executive Director, University of Central Florida Incubation Program, Orlando, Fla.

Esther Vargas-Davis, Site Manager, University of Central Florida Incubator - Seminole County, Winter Springs, Fla.

Forum: Bioscience   

If you serve bioscience entrepreneurs, come to this forum to meet others in your sector. Discussion topics will include designs for shared lab space, specialty services for clients, tips for managing energy costs and budgeting ideas.
Moderator: Melinda Richter, CEO/Executive Director, Prescience International/San Jose BioCenter, San Francisco, Calif.

Monday, April 20, 10:45 a.m. – noon

New Federal Policies and Funding of Incubators

Learn about the initiatives of the Obama administration relating to economic development and incubators. The panel will discuss funding for incubators, the linkages between incubator funding and support for university research parks, and other initiatives of the new administration.
Dinah Adkins, President and CEO, National Business Incubation Association, Athens, Ohio
Brian Darmody
, Associate Vice President for Research and Economic Development, University of Maryland/Board Member, Association of University Research Parks, College Park, Md.
Phil Singerman, Senior Vice President, B&D Consulting/Former Assistant Secretary for Economic Development, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.
Moderator: James Sanders, Director, New Ventures, Honeywell Technology Solutions/Board Member, NeoTech Incubator, Columbia, Md.

The State of Angel Investing Today

During this economic downturn, some angel groups report decreased investments, while others see opportunities arising. Find out about the economy’s impact on angel groups and how two Kansas City area incubators provide administrative and management services for an angel group.
Marianne Hudson, Executive Director, Angel Capital Association, Lenexa, Kan.
Rick Vaughn, Vice President – Business Development, Enterprise Center of Johnson County, Lenexa, Kan

Dispelling Feasibility Study Myths

Two seasoned incubator consultants will discuss the best ways to conduct incubator feasibility studies and will correct the common misconceptions they encounter about the process. They also will offer complimentary feasibility advice to session participants.
Jim Greenwood, President, Greenwood Consulting Group, Sanibel, Fla.
Charles Stein, President, Strategic Development Services, Powell, Ohio

Environmental Incubation – Trends and Opportunities

Learn about the latest trends in environmental incubation and how incubators can take a leadership position in the clean technology revolution. Presenters will discuss local, state and national environmental incubation programs, and will explore opportunities for incubators to attract new clients and generate new revenue.
Anna Borgeas, Interim CEO, Claude Laval Water & Energy Technology Incubator, Fresno, Calif.
L. (Marty) Murphy, Manager of Enterprise Development, National Renewable Energy Lab, Golden, Colo.
Jim Robbins, Former Director, Environmental Business Cluster & Partner, Business Cluster Development, San Jose, Calif.

Identifying Challenges and Opportunities of Entrepreneurship

Two industry veterans will explain the most effective ways to guide entrepreneurs through the stages of incubation. Topics will include questions to address in your first screening, issues entrepreneurs might encounter as they grow, tips for setting up effective mentoring teams and more.
Russell Combs, Executive Director, Erie Technology Incubator, Erie, Pa.
Lisa Ison, President, New Century Venture Center, Salem, Va.

Linking Incubators and Entrepreneurship Programs

A U.S. college and a Mexican university have teamed up to offer a degree in technology entrepreneurship at both campuses. Presenters will discuss how educational institutions can work with incubators to provide the business training entrepreneurs need and to develop an entrepreneurship ecosystem.
Flavio Marin, Director, New Business Generation Program, Tec de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico
Mark Rice, Professor, Blank Center for Entrepreneurship, Babson College, Babson Park, Mass.
Moderator: Trish Costello, Director, Blank Center for Entrepreneurship, Babson College, Babson Park, Mass.

Roundtable: Communicating Effectively With Clients

Maintaining an open line of communication with your clients can lead to better relationships. Experienced incubator managers will discuss communication techniques and tips for new managers. Come to this discussion to share your communication problems and ideas for how to improve interactions with clients.
Moderators: David Cattey, Retired Executive Director, TechColumbus, Columbus, Ohio
Tony Tadasa, Director, Tyler Area Business Incubator, Tyler, Texas
Terutaka Tansho, Lecturer and Collaboration Manager, Shimane University Collaboration Center, Shimane, Japan

Forum: New Managers

New incubator managers have a lot to learn about managing a facility, selecting clients, offering worthwhile services and more. Join other new managers to discuss common challenges, including payment structures for rent and services, graduating companies and remaining financially viable.
Moderator: DeAnna Adams, Executive Director, MTA Innovation Center, Jackson, Miss

Monday, April 20, 2:30 – 3:45 p.m.

Roundtable: Start-up From University IP

Find out how one incubator partners with a university technology transfer office to launch new businesses, particularly in the fields of bioscience, renewable energy and information technology. Then, discuss methods for developing successful incubator-university collaborations, tapping into community resources, involving students in incubation and more.
Tim Bour, Executive Director, Boulder Innovation Center, Boulder, Colo.

Avoiding Mistakes When Counseling Incubator Client Companies

Counseling clients is an important part of an incubator manager’s job, so you need to be sure you’re giving helpful advice. Through lecture and mock counseling sessions, presenters will explain and demonstrate good counseling techniques and highlight advice to avoid giving.
Jim Greenwood, President, Greenwood Consulting Group, Sanibel, Fla.
Booker Schmidt, Executive Director, Gainesville Technology Enterprise Center, Gainesville, Fla.

Positioning High-Performance, Innovation-Intensive Companies for Investment

How do you know when an entrepreneur’s products or services will be ready to go to market? The presenter will provide a series of surveys that are to be self-administered by the entrepreneur with coaching support from an incubation professional. 
Randy Goldsmith, President & CEO, Mississippi Technology Alliance, Ridgeland, Miss.

Pricing and Delivering Value-Added Services to Bioscience Companies

Beyond the usual challenges faced by start-ups, biotechnology entrepreneurs must deal with large capital requirements, complex regulatory approval processes and lengthy timelines to market. Speakers from two biotechnology incubation programs will share their experiences with identifying, pricing and delivering value-added services to their clients.
David Lohr, Executive Director, Virginia Biosciences Development Center, Richmond, Va.
Melinda Richter, CEO/Executive Director, Prescience International/San Jose BioCenter, San Francisco, Calif.

The Power of Place: Building America’s Communities of Innovation

The Association of University Research Parks is calling on the U.S. government to develop, finance and support innovation communities, which will include technology incubators, universities, research parks, federal labs and more. Learn more about this strategy to encourage U.S. technological competitiveness through American Innovation Zones.
J. Michael Bowman, AURP Immediate Past President, Chairman & President, Delaware Technology Park, Newark, Del.
Gregory Deason, AURP President, Vice President-Real Estate & Research Park Development, Purdue Research Foundation, West Lafayette, Ind.

How to Raise Millions for Your Incubator

This perennial favorite will explain how to secure funding to build, expand or operate your program. Stein has raised more than $25 million for various incubation projects and will explain the five common denominators inherent in all successful fundraising campaigns. Note: This session will not cover helping clients raise funds.
Charles Stein, President, Strategic Development Services, Powell, Ohio

Global Perspective: Mexico

Don’t miss this update on the incubation industry and entrepreneurial environment in Mexico. The presenter will discuss the workings of Tecnologico de Monterrey, a network of 35 incubators in Mexico, as well as entrepreneurial development through universities.
Luis M. Beristain, Doctor, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City, Mexico
Roberto James, Incubator Manager, Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Toluca, Toluca, Mexico

Forum: Rural

Incubators in rural areas face unique challenges caused by limited resources, scarce technology developments and small entrepreneurial pools. Join this discussion to share possible solutions, including funding options, Internet resources and partnership ideas. 
Moderator: David Terry, Executive Director, West Texas A&M University Enterprise Network, Amarillo, Texas

Tuesday, April 21, 9:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

Incubator Funding Strategies

Two experienced incubation professionals will share secrets for securing and sustaining incubator funding. They will explain the benefits of collaboration, provide suggestions about running your incubator like a business, share tips for securing start-up funding and more. 
Charles D’Agostino, Executive Director, Louisiana Business & Technology Center, Baton Rouge, La.
Chris Reddin, Executive Director, Business Incubator Center, Grand Junction, Colo.

Roundtable: Facilities Management

A physical facility is an important component of many incubators. This roundtable discussion will focus on managing an incubator facility, including space allocation, energy conservation, contracting for utilities, writing and enforcing lease agreements, and more.
Mark Long, President, Long Performance Advisors, Greenwood, Ind.

Coaching Your Clients to Success

An experienced incubator manager and business coach will explain a coaching method that works for all entrepreneurs. This session will cover step by step processes to coach your clients to dramatic results and increased profitability.
David Terry, Executive Director, West Texas A&M University Enterprise Network, Amarillo, Texas

True Confessions of an Arts Incubator

Discover what really happens behind the studio doors of an arts incubator. What are some of the methods used to get a right-brainer to think analytically? What is the artists’ perspective on incubation? Find out how this incubator operates and whether your community can sustain an arts incubator.
Jeff Becker, Executive Director, Arts Incubator of Kansas City, Kansas City, Mo.
Rachel Fann, Program Director, Arts Incubator of Kansas City, Kansas City, Mo.
Spencer Schubert, Sculptor and Client, Arts Incubator of Kansas City, Kansas City, Mo.

Best Practices in Action

Presenters with many years of industry experience will describe several incubation best practices and explain how you can apply best practices at your program. Topics will include client services, network development, capital access and more, with several examples of each.
Karl LaPan, President & CEO, Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Joel Wiggins, CEO & President, Enterprise Center of Johnson County, Lenexa, Kan.
Chuck Wolfe, Principal, Claggett Wolfe Associates, Auburn, Calif.

University Incubation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Collaboration and shared resources can create amazing opportunities for clients in a university incubator, but these opportunities can come with bureaucratic strings. Learn how to align a university incubation program to take advantage of the opportunities and to minimize the disadvantages.
Megan Reichert-Kral, Director of Incubation, Clean & Alternative Energy Incubator, Toledo, Ohio
Timothy Peoples, Director, Purdue Technology Centers of West Lafayette, West Lafayette, Ind.
Jasper Welch, Director, San Juan College Enterprise Center, Farmington, N.M.

Global Perspective: United Kingdom

Learn about the opportunities and challenges of incubation in the United Kingdom, including strategies for regional, sectoral and geographic incubation and virtual programs. The presenters will provide information that will help you build connections with U.K. incubators by identifying how to form partnerships and advise clients on collaboration abroad.
Peter Harman, Deputy CEO, UK Business Incubation, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Julie Kapsalis, Director, Business Support & Enterprise, SEEDA, Surrey, United Kingdom
Moderator: Evan Jones, Director, @Wales Digital Media Initiative, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Forum: University

University-affiliated incubators have access to shared resources, but bureaucratic obstacles often get in the way. Join this forum to discuss licensing/tech transfer offices, faculty entrepreneurs and the incubator’s relationship with the university.
Moderators: Tom O’Neal, Executive Director, University of Central Florida Incubation Program, Orlando, Fla.
Joel Stevenson, Jr., Director, USC/Columbia Technology Incubator, Columbia, S.C.

Tuesday, April 21, 10:45 a.m. – noon

Mentoring Network vs. Entrepreneur-in-Residence Programs

Providing clients with subject matter expertise often requires that you understand advanced sector-specific topics. However, no business incubation team can provide expert advice across all disciplines or industry sectors. This session will explore the pros and cons of two common approaches: the mentoring network and the entrepreneur-in-residence.
Dan MacDonald, President & CEO, InNOVAcorp, Halifax, Canada

Global Perspective: European and Asian Incubation Models

Learn about the challenges and opportunities of business incubation in Europe and Asia. The presenter from Europe will discuss the European policy framework and market trends, while the presenter from Asia will share China’s recent focus on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship through technology incubators.
Philippe Vanrie, Managing Director, European Business & Innovation Centre Network, Brussels, Belgium
Wang Zhen, Assistant Director, Shanghai Technology Innovation Center, Shanghai, China

Strategies and Best Practices for Incubator Sustainability

Find out how to broaden financial support for your program’s operations and to diversify your revenue streams. The presenters, who have developed more than 50 incubation programs, also will share examples of incubators that have implemented sustainable practices.
Carol Lauffer, Partner, Business Cluster Development, Palo Alto, Calif.
Jim Robbins, Partner, Business Cluster Development, Palo Alto, Calif.

Effective Training for Tech Entrepreneurs

Presenters will discuss the best ways to provide training for technology entrepreneurs using examples from their own programs. Topics will include integrating formal and informal programs into your training options, serving a specific industry sector, working with outside presenters and more.
Jeff Horvath, Vice President, Entrepreneurial Education Foundation, Tulsa, Okla.
Jeffrey Milanette, President, Innovative Partners, Westfield, N.J.
Ingrid Rosten, Incubation Specialist, CleanStart, Sacramento, Calif.

The Ivory Tower Goes Downtown: Utilizing University Resources to Boost Incubation

In 2001, the University of Northern Iowa opened a business incubation program in a vacant department store in downtown Waterloo. Seven years later, the incubator has graduated 40 clients. Discover how to maximize university resources to launch a successful off-campus incubator.
Maureen Collins-Williams, Director, Regional Business Center, Waterloo, Iowa
Michael Hahn, Program Manager for Outreach Development, Regional Business Center, Waterloo, Iowa

Rural Incubation Techniques That Work

The Mancuso Business Development Group, the firm responsible for the creation of the world’s first incubator, has 50 years of experience creating jobs in rural communities. Discover how to succeed in small markets by creating practical incubation programs based on your community’s market realities.
Thomas Mancuso, President, Mancuso Business Development Group, Batavia, N.Y.

Forum: International

Join colleagues from around the world to discuss international collaboration. Topics will include practices for supporting international companies in local incubators and ways incubators can partner to expand and develop new programs.
Moderator: Evan Jones, Director, @Wales Digital Media Initiative, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Tuesday, April 21, 2:15 – 3:30 p.m.

Benchmark Your Business Incubator’s Practices

How do your program’s practices measure up against others’ – and against industry standards? Try out NBIA’s new (free!) online benchmarking system and learn how it can help you enhance your program’s efficiency and show stakeholders that you run a best-practice program.
Dinah Adkins, President & CEO, National Business Incubation Association, Athens, Ohio
Corinne Colbert, Director of Publishing, National Business Incubation Association, Athens, Ohio
David Hughes, Business Development Analyst, Appalachian Regional Commission, Washington, D.C.
Philip McMullan, Program Manager, Business Incubation, Tennessee Valley Authority, Nashville, Tenn.

Global Perspective: The Components and Impact of a National Incubation Program

On a national level, Sweden has formed a unique and highly effective program to support business incubation. The goal of the program is to strengthen commercialization and improve public and private return on investment. Learn how the program was designed and its effects.
Mikael Hult, National Coordinator, Innovationsbron AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Therese Sjölundh, Chairman, SiSP – Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, Sweden

Roundtable: Consulting Services for Rural Start-ups

Learn about proven models for serving rural start-up companies that have increased client revenue and profitability. Then, discuss other ideas for working with rural businesses, including which consulting services are most effective for accelerating the success of these entrepreneurs.
Steven Chiang, Director, Agribusiness Incubator Program, Honolulu, Hawaii
David Terry, Executive Director, West Texas A&M University Enterprise Network, Amarillo, Texas

Building a Pipeline of Serial Entrepreneurs

KTEC PIPELINE is a one-year fellowship program designed to identify and develop high-potential technology entrepreneurs on a statewide basis. This session will cover details about the program, the role that incubators play in it and how others might replicate this program in their regions.
Joni Cobb, President, KTEC PIPELINE, Lenexa, Kan.
Lesa Mitchell, Vice President, Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City, Mo.
Toby Rush, President & Founder, Rush Tracking Systems, Lenexa, Kan.
Joel Wiggins, CEO & President, Enterprise Center of Johnson County, Lenexa, Kan.

Preparing Client Companies to Pitch to Investors

Help your client companies make a good impression on potential stakeholders by discovering how to prepare them for investor presentations. This session will explain the typical investor pitch and discuss how to help clients avoid the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make.
Sandra Cochrane, Technology Business Consultant, MI Small Business and Technology Development Center, Kalamazoo, Mich.
Jim Bowie, Executive Director, Columbus Regional Technology Incubator, Columbus, Ga.

Student Incubation for Universities and Communities

Find out how to meet the needs of student entrepreneurs through a university or community-based incubator. Gather information about securing community involvement and support, developing the services and programs students need, designing and managing a successful incubator, and more.
Katherine Cota-Uyar, Program Manager, John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Laurie Watje, Program Associate, John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Constructing a Regional Network of Incubators

Representatives of three successful regional networks will share their experiences in building effective collaborations. Topics will include garnering support, building a staff that reflects regional strengths, maintaining consistency in different locations, identifying necessary resources, working with rural populations, and more.
John Hanak, Statewide Director, Purdue Technology Centers, West Lafayette, Ind.
Richard Roeser, Business Development Specialist, Northwest Regional Planning Commission, Wisconsin Business Innovation Corp., Spooner, Wis.
Wayne Zeman, Vice President, Venture Development, MAGNET Innovation Center, Cleveland, Ohio

Forum: Pacific Incubation Network

This forum is for incubation professionals from the Pacific regions of the United States, Mexico and Canada. Join colleagues to learn about the benefits of PIN membership and ways to make the regional association more useful.
Moderator: Chuck Erickson, Executive Director, Software Business Cluster, San Jose, Calif.

Wednesday, April 22, 9:30 – 10:45 a.m.

Is There a Soft Landing in Your Future?

The NBIA Soft Landings International Incubator designation recognizes programs that excel in helping nondomestic companies do business in the incubator’s country. Twelve incubators from seven countries have this designation. During this session, representatives from two designees will discuss the Soft Landings program.
Bruce Gjovig, Director & Entrepreneur Coach, University of North Dakota Center for Innovation, Grand Forks, N.D.
Linda Hutson Green, President, Dan River Business Development Center, Danville, Va.
Patricia Reeb, Director, Montpellier BIC, Montpellier, France

Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Meeting the Need

This panel discussion will highlight organizations that have offered training and support to immigrants who are starting companies. Find out the best ways to work with this population and learn about client recruitment, training, potential barriers and more.
Vanessa Finley, Executive Director, First Step Fund, Kansas City, Mo.
Todd Mick, Director of Entrepreneurship, Metropolitan Community College, Kansas City, Mo.
Bernardo Ramirez, Executive Director, Hispanic Economic Development Corp., Kansas City, Mo.

Guerilla Marketing

Find out how to aggressively market your program to attract clients and new stakeholders. This session will explore various marketing opportunities, explain how to market through networking, teach you how to create a target customer profile and more.
Charles D’Agostino, Executive Director, Louisiana Business & Technology Center, Baton Rouge, La.
Chris Reddin, Executive Director, Business Incubator Center, Grand Junction, Colo.

Youth and Community Engagement to Enhance an Entrepreneurial Culture

Camp CEO, an innovative youth entrepreneurship program, has united the campus and the local business community in rural Carbondale, Ill. Find out how to create a sustainable entrepreneurship program that also will affect the marketing and recognition of other economic development programs offered by the local university.
Emily Carter, Director, Entrepreneurship & Business Development, Southern Illinois University Carbondale Small Business Incubator, Carbondale, Ill.
Robyn Russell, Assistant Director, Entrepreneurship & Business Development, Southern Illinois University Carbondale Small Business Incubator, Carbondale, Ill.

Graduation Policies

All incubation programs need to have client graduation guidelines. This session will provide an overview of graduation policies from several incubators and explore ways to incorporate reasonable, objective graduation criteria into incubator policies for both technology and mixed-use incubators.
Daniel DoBell, Assistant Manager, Research Park & Enterprise Works, Champaign, Ill.
Devron Veasley, Director, Bessemer Business Incubation System, Bessemer, Ala.

Developing Profits From Patent Assets

Learn how to help clients generate revenue through their patents. This session will cover the fundamentals of patents, explore how to use them as business tools, provide advice on how to avoid common pitfalls, and more.
Carol Larcher, Attorney at Law, Larcher & Chao, Skokie, Ill.
Jeremy Lowe, Partner/Attorney, Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider, Hartford, Conn.

Forum: Bioscience – Pharmaceutical

This forum focuses on those incubators supporting start-ups that need help with the FDA approval process for their pharmaceutical products. Possible discussion topics will include ways to assist companies in obtaining FDA drug approval, milestones in the process and lessons learned.
Moderator: David Lohr, Executive Director, Virginia Biosciences Development Center, Richmond, Va.

Wednesday, April 22, 11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Managing a Service Provider Network

By having a network of go-to experts, you’re making good use of your resources while serving clients’ needs. Find out how to build and manage a service provider network that can provide your clients with the help they need. 
Neil Davis, Vice President of Operations, Emerging Technology Centers, Baltimore, Md.
Robert Thomson, Regional Manager, Ben Franklin Tech Partners of NE Pennsylvania, Bethlehem, Pa.

Selecting the Right Clients

Your program’s success depends on the quality of your clients. But how do you ensure that the clients you accept are the ones who will go far? Attend this session to learn more about the client selection process and why you should have good screening tools in place.
Colleen Barta, Assistant Executive Director, William M. Factory Small Business Incubator, Tacoma, Wash.
Tom O’Neal, Executive Director, University of Central Florida Incubation Program, Orlando, Fla.

Designing a Fundraiser That Stays True to Your Mission

Are you looking for a way to raise funds for your incubator, help the community understand why business incubation is important, and show off the start-ups that make your job worthwhile? Come find out how you can put on a fun event that can raise funds, engage the community and showcase your companies.
Anna Borgeas, Interim CEO, Central Valley Business Incubator, Fresno, Calif.

Incubation on a Community College Campus

If you are interested in creating an incubation program at a community college, this session is for you. The presenters will discuss how to develop such a program, including the challenges and opportunities you might face and more. 
Jasper Welch, Director, San Juan College Enterprise Center, Farmington, N.M.
Russ Yelton, Executive Director, Entrepreneurial Ventures, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, Candler, N.C.

Global Perspective: European Business Incubation Programs

This session will cover technology-oriented business incubators in Europe, with a focus on Barcelona Activa, one of the first incubation programs in Europe, and the incubator programs of the Dutch Institute of Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship (Nikos), at the University of Twente in the Netherlands.
Jaap van Tilburg, Senior Consultant, University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands

Dr. Aard Groen, Director, Dutch Institute of Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship (Nikos), Enschede, Netherlands

Forum: Food/Agriculture/Kitchen Incubation

Exchange ideas with colleagues about managing a food, agriculture or kitchen incubator, including facility infrastructure, marketing programs and client recruitment. Join this forum to discuss ideas for forging partnerships with universities, regulatory agencies, local governments and farmers’ markets. 
Moderator: Lou Cooperhouse, Director, Rutgers University Food Innovation Center, Bridgeton, N.J.