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Tuesday, Oct. 30
Developing a Successful Incubator
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

This comprehensive course addresses all aspects of incubator development – essential for anyone just starting in the industry. Presenters who have helped launch more than 30 incubation programs will cover topics such as needs assessments, incubator business plans, organizational structure, staffing and compensation, marketing and client recruitment, site assessment, and facility design. The workshop will provide case studies, the latest information about industry best practices, lists of key resources, sample documents and more. A perennial favorite, this workshop gives participants the chance to tap into the knowledge of respected industry experts.

Carol Lauffer, Partner, Business Cluster Development, Menlo Park, Calif.
Jim Robbins, Partner, Business Cluster Development, Menlo Park, Calif.

Fee: $449 NBIA Members/$499 Nonmembers

Facilities Management
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

One of an incubator manager’s many tasks is overseeing the incubator facility, handling everything from building design to usage issues and utilities. This workshop will cover various aspects of managing the physical building that is shared by incubator staff and client companies. Topics will include:

  • new construction vs. renovating an existing building
  • facility design
  • energy conservation
  • creative revenue-generation and cost-control strategies
  • emergency preparedness
  • special considerations for life science companies

Note: This workshop is a requirement of the NBIA Incubator Management Certificate Program. Go to to learn more about this program and its requirements.

Colleen Barta, Assistant Executive Director, William M. Factory Small Business Incubator, Seattle, Wash.
Mark Long
, President & CEO, Indiana University Emerging Technologies Center, Indianapolis, Ind.

Fee: $449 NBIA Members/$499 Nonmembers

Staying Relevant: Creating and Growing Clients,
Funders and Programs
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

An incubator’s ability to have a positive impact on a community through its programs and services helps it attract financial backers and clients. This interactive workshop will teach participants how to update and enhance their incubators’ offerings to attract clients, engage funders and develop a committed base of supporters. Using case studies and templates, the presenter will explain how to create a comprehensive economic development strategy that fits with community goals, institute new programs and services that align with funder priorities, market “signature initiatives” that generate excitement in the community, leverage local resources to augment incubator offerings, and more.

Karl LaPan, President & CEO, Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Fee: $449 NBIA Members/$499 Nonmembers

Wednesday, Oct. 31
Rural Incubation Strategies
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

During this workshop, a line-up of top-notch presenters will explore strategies and best practices that help rural programs address unique challenges and achieve success. The manager of a community college incubator in North Carolina will share his ideas for leveraging available resources to attract and serve clients. Another manager in charge of a network of incubators in the Texas panhandle will explain ways to encourage support and gain leaders from the community. An incubator manager from Alabama will outline how to control costs and generate revenue. Finally, a consultant with many years of fundraising experience will provide tips for securing sustainable funding.

Chuck Stein, President, Strategic Directions Consulting Services, Powell, Ohio
David Terry, Executive Director, WTAMU Enterprise Network, Amarillo, Texas
Devron Veasley, Director, Bessemer Business Incubation System, Bessemer, Ala.
Russ Yelton, Director, SBC & Small Business Incubator, AB Tech, Candler, N.C.

Fee: $449 NBIA Members/$499 Nonmembers

Serving Client Companies
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Good incubation programs provide entrepreneurs with programs and services to help them succeed. The first part of this workshop will explain how to develop an effective lineup of client services, covering topics such as teaching business basics, creating service provider networks, setting up financing programs, preparing clients for investment capital, sharing services and space, offering marketing assistance, and more. In the second half of the workshop, participants will start working on their own plans for client services with guidance from the presenters. Note: This workshop is a requirement of the NBIA Incubator Management Certificate Program. Go to to learn more about this program and its requirements.

Jasper Welch, Director, San Juan College Enterprise Center, Farmington, N.M.
Joel Wiggins
, CEO & President, Enterprise Center of Johnson County, Lenexa, KS

Fee: $449 NBIA Members/$499 Nonmembers

Creating Effective (and Affordable) Incubator Marketing Strategies
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Strategic marketing plans can enhance incubator success by increasing visibility in the community, improving stakeholder relationships and attracting new clients. During this workshop, attendees will learn incubator-specific marketing principles and strategies they can implement even under tight budget constraints. The presenter will explain how to create incubator brands, identify key messages for target audiences, integrate marketing best practices into an incubator’s overall operational strategy, make the most of inexpensive tools, and more. Workshop materials include templates and models, so attendees will leave equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively market their incubators.

Jeanette DeDiemar, Executive Director, Integrated Marketing and Communications, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Oshkosh, Wis.

Fee: $449 NBIA Members/$499 Nonmembers

Thursday, Nov. 1
An In-Depth Guide to Securing Public or Private Funding
8 a.m. – noon

Raising funds to build, expand or operate your incubator can be difficult, particularly when your program competes with a number of other good causes for finite resources. This workshop will explain how to differentiate your incubation program from philanthropic endeavors by taking a return-on-investment approach to fundraising. The presenter will outline a process that begins with developing a rationale for investment and ends with a successful funding commitment. Materials will include samples of marketing pieces and other documents used in successful fundraising campaigns.

Chuck Stein, President, Strategic Development Services, Powell, Ohio

Fee: $254 NBIA Members, $264 Nonmembers

Partnerships That Produce
8 a.m. – noon

Meeting the needs of entrepreneurs often requires more resources than a single incubator can provide. This workshop will explain how to form partnerships, gain and maintain support from stakeholders, hold events that attract new clients, generate enthusiasm for incubation as an economic development tool, and more. Presenters who have created partnerships and initiated events across the state of Virginia will share templates they have developed and will help participants start to make their own plans to establish effective partnerships in their regions.

Kimberly Dove, Executive Director, Southwest Regional Enterprise Center and the Crossroads Institute, Galax, Va.
Sandy Ratilff, Business Services Manager, Virginia Department of Business Assistance, Abingdon, Va.

Fee: $254 NBIA Members, $264 Nonmembers

Using Information Technology to Streamline Tasks and Track Success
8 a.m. – noon

Many incubators are short-staffed, which can make streamlining daily tasks, attracting new clients and tracking progress a challenge. During this interactive workshop, the presenter will explain how incubator staff can use information technology to automate a variety of tasks, including e-mail marketing, handling client applications, completing administrative activities, tracking milestones, reporting program success, and more. With efficient processes in place, an incubator can more accurately measure the success of its programs. Workshop materials will include tools and templates to help participants implement techniques learned.

Greg Bean, CEO & President, Cybergroup, Baltimore, Md.

Fee: $254 NBIA Members, $264 Nonmembers


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