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Recommended Reading

Developing a Business Incubation Program contains an in-depth discussion of the development process, including writing a business plan for the incubator. If you only purchase one book to help you with the planning process, this should be it.

Put It in Writing II addresses key best practice areas, from incubator governance and facilities management to leveraging innovation and serving clients. Each chapter explains why individual practices are important and provides examples of how those practices are implemented at some of the industry's most successful and innovative programs.

Incorporating Your Business Incubation Program: How Tax Status and Business Entity Affect Operations provides incubator developers and managers with the information they need to make important decisions regarding nonprofit tax status and for-profit business entities.


Considering Business Incubation?

Are you exploring business incubation or actively developing a business incubation program? You came to the right place. NBIA has many resources that will help you determine if an incubation program is feasible in your community, what type of programs to consider and best practices of operation to help you build a solid foundation. Business incubation has been around since the late 1950s, and NBIA has researched what makes a program successful – there’s no point in reinventing the wheel.

This page features a list of links and resources to arm yourself with the best information available on business incubation.

In addition, consider joining NBIA. When you join in the Developer category, you’ll receive the NBIA Developer’s Toolkit (valued at more than $250). One of the most valuable NBIA benefits is the listserv, where members can contact other members for advice and networking. NBIA also offers publications, an incubator management certificate program, Webinars, training workshops and conferences, all with discounts for members. In addition, members receive the NBIA Review (print) and Memberabilia (e-mail) newsletters and have access to full articles on a variety of incubation-specific topics in the NBIA Review archive.

Links to Helpful Resources

Tips for Developers

Business incubators have proven to be effective tools for promoting economic growth throughout the world, but not all incubation models are suitable for all communities. NBIA worked with Jim Greenwood, a seasoned incubator consultant and former incubator manager, to develop these tips for communities that would like to develop business incubation programs.

Business Incubation Works

NBIA members now have an unparalleled opportunity to explain the importance of their programs and to gain financial support or maintain existing investments, if those are in danger. This Web page gives you the resources you need to increase awareness of business incubation generally (and of your program specifically), and to highlight the need to leverage investments in the nation’s entrepreneur support systems.

Other Facts and Figures to Utilize in Your Arsenal

NBIA Member Consultants and Vendors

NBIA offers a directory of NBIA members whose organizations provide goods and/or services they believe offer value to the business incubation industry. If you’re looking for a consultant, search here first.

NBIA wishes you luck with developing your business incubation program. These resources will get you started with a strong foundation. Again, consider joining NBIA so we can get you connected with industry experts and veterans through the NBIA Member Listserv.





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