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If you work for or manage a business incubation program, NBIA has the tools and information you need to improve your program’s effectiveness and efficiency. We'll help make your job easier!

New for incubator managers

Benchmark your incubation program — for free!

With support from the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Appalachian Regional Commission, NBIA has developed a new online tool that lets you benchmark your incubator’s governance and management practices against those of other incubators around the world. In less than half an hour, you can complete a simple online questionnaire about your incubation program’s practices and then see a visual representation of how your program measures up against others who have completed the questionnaire, as well as industry standards overall. With a glance, you will be able to see where your program excels — and where you can improve. You also can access an online library of resources on best practices drawn from NBIA publications and carefully selected online tools.

This service is not only free, but also entirely confidential — only you will be able to see your results. And as your program evolves, you can come back and retake the evaluation to see how your scores change.

More than ever, you need to know that you are maximizing your program’s resources and potential. Get started now to make sure you are offering your clients and stakeholders their best value. Go to now!

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Measuring Your Business Incubator’s Impact

Collecting and reporting economic impact data can be a lifesaver for your incubation program. Armed with numbers showing the impact of your program, you can approach potential sponsors for funding and support, demonstrate your program’s contribution to the local economy, and add to the credibility of the incubation industry. Start with Measuring Your Business Incubator's Economic Impact: A Toolkit, NBIA's first-ever guide to collecting and disseminating economic impact information. Click here to get started now!