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NBIA's Holiday of Incubation

NBIA's Holiday of IncubationDuring the holiday season, you hear a lot about buying local. And while NBIA supports that, we also thought we could promote gift baskets and other items made by NBIA member incubators and their clients. This is one-stop shopping at its best while promoting the business incubation community. If your client has a gift item you’d like to see included, please send a picture, description, price and ordering information to Kim Barlag at

If all else fails, a company affiliated with the Enterprise Center of Johnson County – the GiftProfessor – will help you find the perfect gift. Log on to, answer some questions about the gift recipient, and the GiftProfessor will supply you with numerous ideas.

Business Shorts

By Jerry Ross
Executive Director of National Entrepreneur Center, Orlando, Fla.

This would make a great gift for your clients and colleagues!
Discover time-tested business principles in no time at all! Business Shorts is an engaging collection of short stories that illustrates timeless business principles that are critical for success in any business. Told from the perspective of a life-long entrepreneur, this book is a must for your business library.

Autographed copy, $14.95

Mr. Ross, an NBIA member, is generously donating 50 percent of the proceeds to NBIA for any purchases made directly from him at

All books are autographed by the author!

NBIA2 Penz
Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

Makers of handmade artisanal food specialties offering authentic German food using traditional family recipes re-engineered for the modern urban lifestyle. Enjoy delicacies such as Käsespätzle, Wurstsalat, Obatzda, Apfelstrudel or traditional German Christmas cookies. Available to order online, for wholesale, catering and local delivery. Made from scratch in New York City using local ingredients.

For more information and to order, go to
(248) 840-7302  

Incubator: Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology

The Bad Elf GPS is an Apple-approved external GPS accessory designed to directly connect to your iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. The Bad Elf GPS accessory plugs into the dock connector and allows Apps to read your current location. $129.99

For more information and to order, go to

NBIABasket Creations
Incubator: Volunteers of America – Working Order

Basketweaving classes, retreats, presentations and gift making for individuals, families, couples, children and groups.

For more information in the Pittsburgh area, go to or call (412) 592-5654.

NBIABayou Brothers
Incubator: Edible Enterprises

Spicy and sweet, the Bar-B-Q sauce adds a little lagniappe to your favorite meats and poultry. The Dipping Sauce has a rich, creamy texture that’s packed w/ flavor & a spicy kick.

Sold by the case of 12 or individually in stores listed on Web site.

For more information and to order, go to

NBIABilly Bites
Incubator: Edible Enterprises

Banana Nut Bread - 3-lb. loaf


For more information and to order wholesale, go to

To order single loaves, go to

NBIABissap Breeze
Incubator: Edible Enterprises

A nonalcoholic beverage concentrate, Bissap Breeze is a smooth blend of organic roselle hibiscus flowers, organic volcanic agave nectar, natural extracts and spices. Enjoy it in your next cocktail, spritzer, iced tea or culinary creation.

$9.99 bottle

For recipes and to order, go to (504) 264-1918

NBIABlue Ridge Food Ventures Gift Boxes
Featuring items from the program’s incubated companies

Blue Ridge Food Ventures Red Box, a festive gift box filled with an assortment of favorite, hand-crafted gourmet items from local food entrepreneurs. Pre-packaged gift boxes come in two sizes: the small boxes contain six items and cost $39.99; large boxes have eight items and sell for $49.99.

To order, go to

Incubator: TECenter

BounceBoards are a trampoline cross-training accessory enabling extreme board sports enthusiasts to safely practice aerial snowboarding maneuvers on a trampoline. Freestyle skiers can also safely practice and condition on the trampoline with the new BounceSkis. The specialized resilient foam design won’t rip the trampoline surface and there are no hard or sharp edges that would hurt the user. Prices start at $79.95.

For more information and to order, go to

NBIABrooklyn Nuts
Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

Spiced nuts to enjoy as a snack, with cocktails, sprinkled on a salad or over ice cream. 
Flavored in mild to spicy and kissed with sweetness. Not a fan of walnuts? Try the cashew blend.

For more information and to order, go to
(718) 802-9436

NBIABushwood Farm
Incubator: Edible Enterprises

Unique Louisiana gourmet pickled products, including Cajun Garlic, Cajun Hot Dills, Cajun Hot Mirlitons, Cajun Sweet Beets and Cajun Sweet Pickles.

$7.25 each

For more information and to order, go to
(985) 516-3456

NBIACake N’ Cups
Incubator: Edible Enterprises

An online cakery that specializes in gourmet cupcakes that are inspired by New Orleans flavors and are baked using local ingredients. A dozen standard cupcakes is $24.

Order 48 hours in advance at   or e-mail questions to

NBIAChee Bonnet
Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

A creative variety of chocolate-covered cheesecake bonbons made from the best ingredients. CheeBonnet is dedicated to handcrafting each batch of Chee’Bonnets, sprinkling them with crumbly graham cracker, toasted coconut, crushed chocolate wafers, nuts and more. Inside the chocolate coating, you'll find the chef’s famous creamy cheesecake. 

For more information and to order, go to
(516) 209-2294

NBIAChocolate Swirl
Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

“Life’s short... eat dessert first.” Chocolate Swirl offers a line of baked goods, truffles and other specialties including custom cakes. Check the list of flavors for the cake, the frosting and the filling.

For more information and to order, go to
(718) 407-0034

Incubator: Akron Global Business Accelerator

Offering businesses and organizations a Web-based solution for branded materials including a wide variety of corporate gifts (gourmet baskets, cookies, holiday cards, branded apparel and products, etc.). Graphic design services are free with each order.

For information on products and ordering, go to
(330) 319-7200

NBIACupcake Fairies
Incubator: Edible Enterprises

Chocolate covered apples, candy apples and cookies. Couture party size apples and cookies start at $4.50 each. Regular cookies are $18 a dozen.
Candy apples are $3 each. 

Order by e-mail at or by phone at (504) 333-9356.

NBIAThe Cutting Board Factory
Incubator: Carbondale Technology Transfer Center

Offering a complete line of thermo plastic cutting boards.

For more information and to order, go to
(877) 527-8424.

NBIADebbie Constantin Golf
Incubator: Volunteers of America – Working Order

Specializing in private, semi-private, and small group lessons for men, women and junior golfers. Offering ladies golf leagues, winter golf seminars, disability golf, playing lessons, and V-1 swing analysis. First Lesson introductory rate is $35 (save $l5). Lessons are available year-round with heated and covered lesson tees.

For more information in the Allison Park, Pa., area, go to

NBIAElementz Nutrition
from Economic Development Investment Fund

The PS Protein Shot has 25 grams of protein per bottle, more protein than four eggs, Di & Tri Peptide for easy digestion, 100 percent all-natural, and has a great tasting fruit punch flavor.


For more information on this and other products and to order, go to

Incubator: Edible Enterprises

Elkarita is a 100 percent natural, no sugar added, low calorie nonalcoholic cocktail mix — available in Lime, Mango and Pomegranate.  These mixers are great for both adults and children to enjoy.  They mix well with a variety of choices: water, sparkling water, club soda, diet ginger ale, diet lemon lime soda, vodka, tequila, rum, champagne and even beer. They can be used to marinate chicken and shrimp for fajitas (Lime) and even pork or ham (mango).


For more information and to order, go to
(225) 317-9105

NBIAEV Enterprises
Incubator: Coachella Valley iHub

The Canary 100 is an easy-to-use radiation detector that is small enough to go on a keychain. You can use it wherever you go, whenever you need it. When the Canary 100 detects the presence of alpha radiation, it chirps like a canary – increasing in frequency as more radiation is detected. The name of the product was inspired by the canary carried by coal miners. Before the concentration of toxic gasses in the mines reached dangerous levels, the canary would provide an early warning.

$69.96 + $5.95 shipping

For more information and to order, go to

NBIAExecutive Chef Solutions
Incubator: Edible Enterprises

Black Peppercorn, General Tso, Spicy Chile sauces.

Combo pack of three sauces, $19.97.

For more information and to order the combo pack or individually, go to

NBIAGloria & Co. Designs
Incubator: Volunteers of America – Working Order

Original jewelry, garments, home art and accessories that make it easy to express your distinctive personality!

Special offer: hand-wrapped sterling silver and glass earrings for $40.

(412) 297.9585

NBIAGoodie Girl Tribeca
Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

GoodieGirl is a small baking and confection company that was founded with the idea that treats should evoke childhood fantasy. The sweets range from timeless favorites to unique creations inspired by life in the city, kids and culinary trends. Each batch is different and completely made to order. New this year is a line of gluten-free treats like your favorites when you were growing up.

For more information and to order, go to
(917) 846-0257  

NBIAGraceful Foods
Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

Big City Nuts is a line of roasted nuts flavored for the gourmet with unusual flavorings like lemon, cocoa and Indian spice. Graceful foods offers six different flavors using six different nuts, so there is something for every nut lover.

$5.99 plus shipping for 4-oz. package

For more information and to order, go to
(646) 707-3692

Incubator: Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology

The Koffee Karousel™ is a “green” table-top vending machine that holds up to 88 K-Cups and eight varieties.  The machine provides a unique means for small businesses to control, dispense, and potentially profit from their inventory of single-serve beverage pods. It is easy to use, maintenance free, requires no electricity and offers multiple coin mechanisms. This is an ideal machine for incubators. 

Price: $449

For more information, go to
 (860) 978-9768

NBIAK lee C Designs
Incubator: Campbell County Small Business Incubator

Hand-painted recycled light bulbs make creative holiday ornaments and decorations. Choose from snowmen, angels, Rudolph, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, penguins, and even the Grinch.

Prices range from $8-$25. 

Order online at

NBIALa Cocina Gift Boxes
Featuring items from the program’s incubated companies

All of La Cocina’s Gift Boxes are handmade and include an assortment of locally made treats from the entrepreneurs in La Cocina’s business incubation program. Add a personal message and/or customize corporate and bulk orders.

Order online at or contact Angela McKee at (415) 729-4565 or

NBIALadybug Teknologies
Incubator: University at Buffalo Technology Incubator

The SipSmart Straw is a single use breathalyzer tube that allows a social drinker to provide a breath sample to determine a simple pass or fail based on a pre-set blood alcohol concentration level. 


To order, go to
(716) 225-8574

NBIAL.H. Studios
Incubator: Volunteers of America – Working Order

Sculptures of painted plaster and ceramic.

For more information, go to


Incubator: Ohio University Innovation Center

LiveWires’ custom-fit in-ear earphones. Rock star quality, garage band price. Dual Driver model: $269

For more information on this and other products, go to

Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

Breakfast Bites is the breakfast food that works just as hard as you do to keep you healthy. It has no added sugar and no grains, it’s 100% natural, and it’s made from superfoods like chia seeds. Plus, it’s delicious. Discover a Better Way to Start Your Day!

$9.97 plus shipping for a 9-oz. bag.

For more information and to order, go to
(646) 206-5553

NBIALouisiana Good Foods
Created by the incubator,  Edible Enterprises

Southern desserts, including Ooey Gooey Cake, Southern Sweet Potato Pie and Pecan Pie. Sold by case of dozen for $24.

For more information and to order, go to
(985) 764- 1504

NBIALouisiana Sisters
Incubator: Edible Enterprises

Christmas gift box with Louisiana Sisters’ Spiced Olives, Bloody Mary Mix and Pepper Jelly.


For more information, other products and to order, go to

NBIAMegan’s Living Well
Incubator: Marina Technology Cluster Business incubator

Megan’s Living Well’s provides a unique solution to improving the quality of life for people with chronic illness--sets of Self-Care Motivation Cards that empower people to make healthy lifestyle choices. Each set of cards provides 30 days’ worth of motivating health information to provide support throughout the month. The cards include quick and easy access to science-based solutions and recommendations for effective, low-cost, action steps. They are the perfect gift to nurture yourself or to communicate support to someone you care about.


To see all of the products and to order, go to
(831) 459-9955

Incubator: Volunteers of America – Working Order

Therapeutic massage services for seniors, adults, teens and children. 30-minute session is $25. Other amounts available.

For more information in the Pittsburgh area, go to

NBIAMommy's Yummies
Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

Mommy's Yummies is fresh, organic and healthy food for kids.  Offering a variety of fresh, homemade, organic meals for your children. Place your order online and nutritious meals will be prepared and delivered to your little ones. You'll have plenty of time to spend with your family, not in the kitchen. Latest research shows that children who eat healthy foods may continue to make good nutrition choices later in their life.

For more information in the New York City area, go to
(347) 432-4200

NBIAMulberry Creek
Incubator: Regional Incubator for Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

For those in the Huron, Ohio, area, Mulberry Creek provides a large selection of quality, well rooted, certified organic herbs and miniature perennials, in 3-1/2 inch pots, which are good for cooking, ornamental, medicinal and crafting uses. Tasty heirlooms and hybrid tomato and pepper plants are also available. The company does not ship, so stop in to purchase if you are in the area, or log on to browse suggestions for plants for faery, railroad or children's gardens; topiaries; and ground covers, along with plenty of recipes.

Go to

NBIANaturally Sweet Desserts
Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

Offering delicious cookies, cakes and pies that fit into a healthy eating lifestyle. Naturally Sweet Desserts offers desserts that taste delicious and have the healthy benefits of antioxidants, protein and whole grains. Blueberries, almond milk, coriander and olive oil are rich in healthy nutrients. When customers discover the ingredients used to make their delicious treats, it starts the conversation about how to bring healthy eating into their lives.

For more information and to order, go to
(804) 301-8257 

NBIANorth Shore Custom Cleaning
Incubator: Erie County Economic Development Corp.

Offering gift baskets that include a variety of house cleanings, wine, truffles, candle and a decorated container. $725 plus tax ($1,025 value)

For more information in the Sandusky, Ohio, area, go to
(419) 366-5601

NBIANutcase Crunch
Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

For cereal lovers trying to be healthy, Nutcase Crunch is completely nut based and naturally gluten free. Nutcase Crunch includes almonds, pecans, unsweetened coconut and pine nuts. The crunch is best served with almond milk and fresh fruit. The Crunch can also be added to yogurt, used as a crust for chicken or fish, and provides a suitable alternative to grain-based breakfast or snack options.

$9.50 plus shipping for 8-oz. bag.

For more information and to order, go to
(917) 657-6765

NBIAPawsitive Reactions
Incubator: Volunteers of America – Working Order

Dog behavior consultant and trainer. Author of the book, How Many Dogs?! Using Positive Reinforcement Training to Manage a Multiple Dog Household. Book is $19.99.

To purchase the book, go to For training services in the Pittsburgh area, go to

NBIASante Bakery
Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

"Santé" in French literally means “health.”  Sante Bakery offers a delicious line of French and Russian style desserts and foods with a goal to fill your life with all of the health benefits Mother Earth has to offer. Items include granola, truffles, piroshky, rugelash, scones, cookes and vatrushka. The ingredients are organic and all natural. The labels are made of post-consumer recycled materials. The inner wrappers are biodegradable.

For more information and to order, go to
(347) 583-6274

NBIASicily’s Finest Gourmet Foods
Incubator: Edible Enterprises

Gluten-free, these sauces bring you the subtly sweet taste of Sicily with a spicy New Orleans twist. They can be used to enhance a variety of foods, such as steak, chicken, fish, grilled vegetables and bruschette.

A tri-pack of pasta sauce, creole sauce and roasted red pepper sauce is $18.95 + shipping.

For more information or to order, go to
(504) 906-1754

NBIAStillwater Poster Company
Incubator: University of Maine Foster Center for Student Innovation

Stillwater Poster provides students at the University of Maine with a commercial outlet for their art.  Beginning with photographs and expanding soon to 2D prints of other art mediums, each sale directly supports the artist – and an additional 10 percent goes directly to a scholarship fund at the University of Maine to benefit the arts.

The company is featuring the “Study Dammit” poster of Stephen King, which is the infamous cover page of “The Maine Campus” from January 15, 1970. Proceeds go to benefit “The Maine Campus,” the student-run newspaper. $10

To order, go to

NBIASqueezease Therapy
Incubator: Simon Fraser University VentureLabs Accelerator

The Snug Vest was created because pressure can help to relieve anxiety by regulating the sensory system when it is overstimulated. Firm pressure to the torso can help individuals with sensory disorders such as autism (ASD) increase focus, reduce tantrums and desensitize over time if they are oversensitive to touch. The Snug Vest inflates to provide adjustable and evenly-distributed pressure to the sides, shoulders, and back of the torso for a comforting hug-like squeeze without pressure placed on the stomach or chest. The stylish Snug Vest promotes independence as the user can self-inflate the vest in a discrete way to get the exact amount of safe pressure they need, enabling the user to complete daily tasks with ease anywhere they go!

C$295 for preorder by Feb. 1, 2013 (out of Canada) 

For more information and to order, go to

NBIASouth Valley Economic Development Center
Featuring items from the Mixing Bowl Kitchen's companies

The Delicious New Mexico Tiendita at the South Valley Economic Development Center in Albuquerque, N.M., is offering a holiday gift basket featuring products from clients of the Mixing Bowl Kitchen, including salsa, jams, fine chocolates, energy health bars, granola and caramel sauce.

To order, call (505) 417-7268.


NBIASusan K. Donley Portrait Artist
Incubator: Volunteers of America – Working Order

Commissioned portraits of pets and people, breed prints, loving gifts and personal apparel created from pencil, pastel and watercolor. Original illustrations of dogs, cats and birds.

Starting at $325.

For more information, go to and

NBIASweets Addore
Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

Offering cupcakes in a variety of flavors and styles including some Chinese-inspired sweets. We ensure the sweetness from outside of the boxes to inside of the cupcakes.

For more information and to order, go to
(646) 346-0050

NBIASweet Muse
Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

Brownies, brownies and more brownies. Can someone ever have enough? Sweet Muse makes 12 different flavors of America's favorite dessert. Taste them all and see which one is your favorite. Available in numerous quantities and gift sets.

For more information and to order, go to
(917) 670-1376

NBIASweet n’ Salty by Design
Incubator: Mi Kitchen Es Su Kitchen

Founder Bianca Naclerio brings her love of chocolate and her artist's eye to you, the chocoholic, with this sweet and salty treat. The pretzels are hand decorated with a wide array of candy, nuts, sprinkles, and colorful drizzle. You will be dazzled by the beauty and sophistication of the sparkling sugars, edible pearls and seasonal shapes. Every bite is a piece of perfection. 

$35 plus shipping for one dozen.

For more information and to order, go to
(800) 983-2132

NBIASweet Southern Heat
Incubator: Edible Enterprises

Sweet Southern Heat has a unique flavor that is great for chicken, pork, ribs, wings, steak or any other type of meat, no matter how you wish to prepare it. However, the real reward can be found in the surprise kick of spice, which follows each sweet and savory bite.

$6 for 16-oz bottle.

For more information and to order, go to

NBIATelefon Kilifim
Incubator:  Viveka İnkübasyon Merkezi

Turkish company that produces personalized phone cases with your photo or design.

For more information, go to

A design panel for end-user is available at (it is in Turkish). Here is a video about the panel:

NBIAWater Journey
Incubator: NJMC Business Accelerator

Hands2GO from Water Journey is the perfect portable antibacterial you can feel good about using anywhere, anytime. The patented alcohol-free instant hand sanitizer is gentle enough for children, the elderly, highly sensitive skin and frequent use on the job. Hands2GO contains no alcohol, dyes, perfumes or unnecessary ingredients. The products are produced in the United States with rigorous attention to quality in an FDA-regulated facility.

$6.99 plus shipping for 7-oz. foaming bottle
$3.99 plus shipping for 1.69-oz. foaming bottle

For more information and to order, go to
(973) 994-7144

NBIAWoofshire Farms
Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

Woofshire Farms is a specialty dog biscuit brand based out of New York City. It was founded on the simple belief that what your dogs eat should come from nutritious and safe ingredients. Everything is sourced from within North America and hand baked in small batches to ensure consistency and product quality. Rip open a bag of our Ruv Roos, Ruv Roo Minis, Bacon Cheeseburger or Big Apple Crunch, and you'll definitely smell the fresh baked difference!

$23.95 plus shipping for a four-pack sampler.

For more information and to order, go to 
(917) 382-9330

Incubator: Edible Enterprises

Wow Wee dipping sauce is great with seafood, fries, burgers, chicken wings, onion rings and whatever your heart desires.

$3.99 for 16-oz bottle.

For more information and to order, go to

NBIAYolanda Pesto
Incubator: The Entrepreneur Space

Pesto is the secret ingredient for great tasting food. Yolanda Pesto offers all natural, fresh, made-to-order pesto sauces. Handmade in small batches, fresh from the time you place your order and shipped fresh to your doorstep. We use almonds in our pesto for a richer flavor, and we use the finest Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and extra virgin olive oil. We are always inspired to impress you by making new and interesting flavors. Check our Web site frequently for new flavor combinations!

$9.98 plus shipping per bottle, or order a gift basket for $45 plus shipping.

For more information and to order, go to
(866) 650-4303

NBIAYOMM Beverages
Incubator: The Eureka Project

YOMM Hibiscus drink is a natural infusion from Hibiscus sabdariffa flower. The extract is sweetened with agave and organic cane juice and is free of additives and preservatives. The drink is available in its original flavor, with natural lemon flavor, with natural strawberry flavor as well as unsweetened.

12 bottles are $38.40

For information on this and other products and to order, go to
(204) 289-0808

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