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Who belongs to NBIA?

NBIA's members represent all elements of the industry devoted to supporting and developing entrepreneurs worldwide. NBIA members are:

  • Incubator executives, managers and staff
  • Incubator developers, board members and researchers
  • Business assistance professionals
  • Economic development professionals
  • Research park managers
  • Corporate joint venture partners
  • Industry consultants and suppliers
  • Investors
  • Educational institutions and entrepreneurship educators
  • Business students
  • Government officials
  • People exploring the feasibility of business incubation for their communities
  • Those retired from our industry who want to stay involved
  • Anyone interested in business incubation!

NBIA: Promoting Entrepreneurship Around the World

Since its earliest days, NBIA has welcomed and served members from across the United States and throughout the world. NBIA recognizes the benefits of disseminating lessons learned from practicing business incubation in a variety of settings and serving clients with different needs and resources. These cross-fertilizations of experience strengthen the business incubation industry.

Business incubation’s roots are in the United States, but using incubation to increase entrepreneurial success and individual opportunity has proved effective in many settings. Early practitioners sited outside the United States joined NBIA to access the accumulated wisdom and best practices of business incubation’s pioneers. As NBIA’s international members adapted principles and practices to their home economies, global information exchanges resulted in insights from abroad informing U.S. practices.

Today, international individuals and organizations continue to join and belong to NBIA for many reasons:

  • NBIA is the recognized worldwide authority on business incubation best practices and thus the best “one-stop” destination to seek answers based on real-world experiences.
  • NBIA is a clearinghouse of knowledge gleaned from multiple sources, and members learn from the successes and mistakes of other programs.
  • NBIA provides a ready-made network of business incubation professionals worldwide that members contribute to and tap into.
  • NBIA’s member newsletters and information resources focus on practical advice and on identifying issues and actions that impact the industry. This conversion of information into useful knowledge saves members time and money.
  • Members receive significant discounts when registering for NBIA’s educational events, including its annual International Conference on Business Incubation, which attracts registrants from around the world who come to share knowledge and enhance their personal support networks
  • Members receive special, discounted pricing when purchasing publications from NBIA’s bookstore—and NBIA ships to locations worldwide
  • In 1999, NBIA launched a summit of international business incubation association leaders to discuss how organizations can work together to promote the growth of the industry. At an early meeting, these leaders agreed upon a goal of incubating one million companies worldwide by 2005. The international summit now takes place twice annually, with NBIA hosting once a year.

NBIA exists to strengthen the business incubation industry, which promotes entrepreneurship everywhere. Join NBIA today to demonstrate your support for this important activity!

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