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Using the Listserv

NBIA’s Member Listserv is a member service designed to facilitate the sharing of expertise and experience among members. Once you have joined NBIA's Listserv, you can send messages to the group by sending an e-mail to

Note: Pay close attention when replying to messages from the listserv. When you only want to reply to the original sender and not the entire e-mail group, make sure you change the receipient e-mail address.

Before sending any messages to the listserv, NBIA asks that you please read and follow the rules below.

Listserv Rules

  1. Do not post commercial advertising — not even by nonprofit organizations.

    • Overtly promoting your own products or services is inappropriate and generally NOT permitted.
    • Requesting information on options and sources for products or services, or responding to such requests with recommendations and where they may be obtained, IS permitted.
    • Public-service announcements of new publications, grants or other resources ARE permitted.

  2. In general, do not attach files to messages. Including a hyperlink to a file or information is preferable. Large files can lock up some computers — and some subscribers pay directly for receiving and storing messages.

  3. NBIA is an international organization. Let’s be tolerant of each other and our cultural differences. Flaming or other abusive language destroys an atmosphere promoting an open exchange of information.

  4. Consider carefully before submitting a reply to the entire list; often it’s more appropriate to send e-mail directly to the individual who posted. Send messages such as "thanks for the information" or "me, too" to individuals — not to the entire list.

  5. Do not post anything that is not original unless it meets the "fair use" guidelines of copyright law, or unless you have permission from the original source.

  6. Personal or confidential information about others, or personal communications between individuals are not appropriate.

  7. Messages whose content, were it posted, could present legal problems for NBIA or NBIA subscribers are not acceptable.

  8. Please identify yourself with full contact information — your name, title, organization, address, telephone, e-mail and URL — at the bottom of your posting. A standard e-mail signature is fine.

Contact NBIA

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