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Ciel Power to Provide Services Under “Climate Showcase Communities” Grant

Ciel Power was selected by Highland Park, NJ, through an RFP process as the provider of energy efficiency services for the borough which was one of 50 cities across the U.S. to win a Federal grant, EDA’s “Climate Showcase Communities.” Ciel Power is an energy efficiency product and service company providing a “one-Source-Solution to commercial and residential customers helping them reduce their energy consumption and costs as well as improve efficiencies. They joined the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission Business Accelerator in December 2011 with three employees and now have 14 full-time staff.

At the event, which was attended by local residents and officials, as well as state and federal representatives, Mayor Minkoff said, “with the selection of Ciel Power, Highland Park is now the first municipality in the nation to create a home energy assessment program for its residents.

SpeechTrans Wins “Most Likely to Succeed” and “People’s Choice” awards at the 2012 NJTC Venture Conference

SpeechTrans won “Most Likely to Succeed” and “People’s Choice” awards at the 2012 NJ Technology Council Venture Conference in a field of over 60 competitors. SpeechTrans was the only company to win two awards at the event, clearly catching the eye of judges, investors, and key decision makers in the regional technology community and other participating entrepreneurial companies.

SpeechTrans smashes language barriers with the most accurate speech-to-speech translator that works on all versions of smart phones. Their potential markets are vast and include security, international business, law, travel, etc. They joined the NJ Meadowlands Commission Business Accelerator in February 2011, have received Angel investments and have been featured on Fox, NBC, USA Today, Wired, OC World, and others. They won first place at the NJ Venture Pitch Olympics November 2011 with a perfect score. They currently have over 20 languages in their portfolio of translation services, have had over 350,000 downloads and 1 million minutes of translation services. But their most noteworthy accomplishment to date has been the saving of a life through the use of their app by an EMT coming to the aid of a person who spoke no English:

“Your app saved my patient’s life. When Maryland Firefighter/ Medic was treating a Spanish-speaking patient suffering from a Diabetic Coma, SpeechTrans came to the rescue. Unable to get an interpreter on dispatch, Alex used SpeechTrans to communicate. He was able to determine the patient’s medical history using SpeechTrans, thereby avoiding the standard treatment, which would have resulted in a fatal allergic reaction.” — Alex Hamburger

Rutgers Camden Technology Campus introduces a Paperless Mobile Platform

The Rutgers Camden Technology Campus recently unveiled an initiative to help businesses easily exchange information with potential customers, funders, employees, and vendors. The initiative, called the RCTC Information Exchange platform, enables enterprises to conduct business more efficiently by helping to significantly reduce costs, paperwork and data entry processes.

“The RCTC Information Exchange platform is the first project of this type in the nation and will yield tremendous benefits for those using the platform to reduce paper usage and increase the efficiency of information exchange,” said Donta’ Bell, CEO of ApplyRapid, Inc., a client of RCTC.

The platform offers enterprises a profile stored in an online vault that is password protected. In its profile, the business can store records and other information. Under the initiative, the business also can create its own link, which is a custom requisition powered by a QR (Quick Response) code to request information from consumers and other businesses who hold password protected profiles. The RCTC Information Exchange, powered by ApplyRapid™, is easily accessible via mobile devices and the internet to update profile information and manage application submissions.

The ease of the information exchange with this platform is achieved through a four-step process: (1) scan, (2) review, (3) grant access, and (4) track. For example, at a New Jersey Business Incubation Network conference, startup businesses may be invited to present their ideas to prospective investors and financial institutions. At the conference, the information exchange could occur this efficiently:

A startup business can simply scan the link (powered by a QR code) of a prospective investor and review the information required by the investor to apply for funding.

The business would click to grant the investor access to information it needs in the business’ online profile.

The investor can easily track the information that it has received from businesses at the conference and identify the most attractive investment opportunities.

Objectives of the RCTC Information Exchange platform include:

Connecting the local business community by issuing every business a plastic and virtual ID card containing a personalized QR code to quickly exchange information.

Providing funding sources, larger businesses, and municipalities with a standard easy way to exchange information with local businesses.

Enabling businesses to register for and easily exchange information at conferences and similar events.

Eventually streamlining sales and purchasing transactions for those businesses with a cloud or web presence.

Together, the RCTC and ApplyRapid are focusing on delivering a real solution to businesses interested in improving efficiency, reducing cost, and increasing profit margins. “As businesses face the daunting task of staying on track financially during a protracted economic downturn it is imperative that they explore solutions to curtail cost while boosting profit,” said Suzanne Zammit, Executive Director of RCTC. “The RCTC Information Exchange platform is one such solution.”

“The RCTC platform becomes the glue for every business to conduct information exchange. We feel that fundamental information exchange is the primary basis for any business. The ApplyRapid technology makes this possible.”

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