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Have an Opinion or Idea on EDA Regulations? Speak Up Now

The U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration is soliciting your ideas and comments on its regulations through a new Web site.

From now until Feb. 6, interested parties may go to the site and submit ideas to improve or streamline EDA activities. What’s more, the site allows discussion of other submitted ideas – so if others have proposed changes with which you strongly agree (or disagree), you have the opportunity to explain your point of view. If you have no proposals of your own, you may still want to check the other proposals for suggestions that might affect your program and clients.

The EDA’s Federal Register notice for the new site notes that “since Feb. 1, 2011, EDA has taken a critical and comprehensive look-back at its regulations to reduce burdens by removing outmoded provisions and streamlining and clarifying requirements. EDA requested both public and internal comments on the regulations and has received a number of helpful suggestions that the agency believes make sense and should be put into practice. Therefore, through this NPRM, EDA proposes intelligent and intuitive revisions to provide additional flexibilities to the agency’s stakeholders and support current best practices, while protecting taxpayer dollars and the federal interest in EDA-assisted property. These changes are designed to provide greater flexibility and local control to EDA’s recipients and to make the regulations easier to navigate and apply."

Click here to visit the EDA Web site.

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