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In order to run a successful program leading to the graduation of robust, high-growth companies, incubator managers need to understand two basic concepts: the nature of entrepreneurs and the lifecycle of the companies they start.

What you’ll learn:

  • How entrepreneurship is defined
  • Challenges facing entrepreneurs
  • How to evaluate entrepreneurial potential
  • Where to find entrepreneurs in your market
  • How entrepreneurship can be encouraged locally
  • Common models of start-up activity
  • Key decision points facing most entrepreneurs
  • Alternative start-up models, including “born global” start-ups and rapid prototyping

This workshop examines the concept of entrepreneurship from a global and a local perspective: what it means to be an entrepreneur, what characteristics lead to entrepreneurial success and how communities can encourage the development of entrepreneurial activity.

You will leave with a better understanding of the start-up lifecycle, from product conception to growth and maturity. Finally, new start-up models, such as lean start-ups and “born globals,” are examined in detail.

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