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Recession Resources Library

Recession Resources

NBIA knows times are hard. You may be facing government budget cuts and loss of sponsor support -- while at the same time fielding increased demand from would-be entrepreneurs who have lost their jobs. To help you through these challenges, we've pulled together these Recession Resources. Many of these tools are free to NBIA members; others are available at minimal cost.

Member 911!

The call you've been dreading has come: Your incubation program's budget is being cut to the bone -- or worse, completely eliminated. In case of program emergency:

  1. Call the NBIA office at (740) 593-4331. We can supply you with statistics, talking points and other tools to help you defend your program.
  2. Post your situation on the NBIA member listserv. Other members may have ideas you can use.
  3. Check the Advocacy and Statistics tools in NBIA's Recession Resources library. You'll find links to books, articles and other resources that demonstrate incubation's effectiveness so you can make your case for continued support.
  4. Line up proof of your program's impact. Mobilize your clients and graduates for testimonials. Summarize your latest economic impact figures (you do have those, right?) Ask service providers and other stakeholders for their public support.

  5. Don't go quietly. Use your local media to showcase your situation. Give reporters statistics on your program's impact and contact information for clients and graduates who can tell their stories. Write an opinion-editorial piece about the impact of incubation generally and on your community specifically (click here to download a sample op-ed).

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