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Best practices pop quiz

Time to grab a No. 2 pencil – we're having a quiz! The following questions are designed to get you thinking about your incubator's strengths and weaknesses by assessing how well it follows industry best practices. Highly effective incubators make a commitment to incorporate best practices into their programs. They serve as models of well-organized, sustainable businesses; set clear goals; employ efficient, knowledgeable staff; and work closely with client firms to provide management and technical assistance tailored to emerging companies. The goal is to produce healthy firms that create jobs and wealth, strengthen the economy, commercialize new technologies and revitalize communities.

This pop quiz will help you brush up on industry best practices and prepare you for a more extensive look at your program's effectiveness. Then, in the April 2001 NBIA Review, NBIA will begin a three-part series to assist incubator managers and stakeholders in a more comprehensive evaluation of operations.

To find out how your incubation program measures up, print out the statements below. Use the following scale to evaluate each statement.

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