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Professional development is an important undertaking for incubation programs of all sizes. This article provides an overview of incubator manager professional development needs and preferred professional development activities for both small and large staffs, based on the experiences of several NBIA members.

For more on professional development for incubation professionals, see the April issue of the NBIA Review, which will contain a listing of useful resources and an examination of an exemplary state association program.

Members hone staff skills via professional development

by Dinah Adkins

February 2012

NBIA has always focused on members' professional development, particularly assisting incubator managers to improve skills in incubator operations and client services. The aim has been to elevate the level of industry performance; provide better services to clients; and, thus, improve the return on investment to communities; raise the prestige of incubators; and increase resources available to them.

Historically, NBIA has emphasized incubation fundamentals — how to develop client mentoring programs or ensure incubator financial sustainability, for example. That emphasis may have resulted in underrepresentation of other professional development issues, such as improving leadership and team-building capabilities, gaining personal fulfillment while engaging in career development and creating an environment that helps others (clients and staff) succeed.

Yet it's clear that some NBIA members have delved deeply into books, exercises and training that address the gamut of their professional development needs, through NBIA resources, training and certificate programs available from other organizations, and a slew of self-development and leadership books.

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Keywords: professional development – general, staffing – incubator, networking, leadership development, management team building/compensation

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