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New Hampshire incubation program reinvents itself

by Dennis E. Powell

February 2012

It has been a year of significant changes at abi Innovation Hub in Manchester, N.H. In February 2011, the Amoskeag Business Incubator, a mixed-use incubation program with a 14-year history, announced its rebranding as abi Innovation Hub.

While abi is still a mixed-use program, the name change represents a change of focus, too. "We felt there was an opportunity to diversify into the world of innovation," says Jamie Coughlin, CEO, who joined the then-Amoskeag program in October 2010. "That is subtly different from 'mixed-use.' The world is beginning rapidly to change, and people in New Hampshire can take part."

The rebranding provides an opportunity to change incubator policies and strategies, says Michele Petersen, chief operating officer and a four-year veteran of the program. "We have a review committee now and are trying to focus on companies that are a good match."

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