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January/February 2014

Whether you’re an incubator manager or someone investigating entrepreneur-support systems, you need access to the industry’s thought leadership. Perhaps you want hands-on examples of how star programs apply lean start-up principles in working with new ventures. Maybe you want information to help ensure your program’s success, or to explain the differences between incubators and seed accelerators.

Do you also want that information in a pithy format rather than a book? If so, look no further.

NBIA is pleased to present the BADIR White Paper Series by Dinah Adkins, NBIA’s president emerita and longtime incubation expert. This series of comprehensive white papers includes topics related to business incubation, acceleration, angel investing, industry best practices, evaluating and monitoring clients and much more. In-depth interviews with innovators and incubation professionals from around the world inform the series, providing insights into entrepreneur-support tactics that help to grow companies, diversify economies and ultimately strengthen communities.

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, represented by the BADIR Program for Technology Incubators, commissioned the papers to provide information and thought leadership on a series of topics related to technology innovation, entrepreneurship and incubation. KACST is a Riyadh-based government organization that is similar to the U.S. National Science Foundation, and its BADIR program operates the country’s leading network of technology incubators. In collaboration with NBIA, BADIR is distributing the series through the NBIA bookstore.

The first four BADIR White Papers describe the nuances of incubators and seed accelerators and what makes for successful incubation programs:

  • Business Accelerators and Business Incubators, Part 1: Definitions and Potential Benefits to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • Business Accelerators and Business Incubators, Part 2: How Incubators Can Adapt Accelerator Programs to Serve More Clients and How the Two Models Can Effectively Collaborate
  • Why Business Incubation Programs Succeed or Fail, Part 1: Local Context
  • Why Business Incubation Programs Succeed or Fail, Part 2: Best Practices

Future topics in the BADIR series will include angel investing, benchmarking both incubators and their clients, how risk-taking and tolerance of failure are important to entrepreneurship, and the latest on women entrepreneurs. Each paper ranges in length from seven to 12 pages.

Begin now to collect the entire library of papers. At the NBIA member price of $5 for each paper, and the nonmember price of $15, it’s easy to own them all. We’ll announce each new paper as it becomes available.
Bridget Lair

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