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Help emerging companies build credibility – and sales – with case studies

by Casey Hibbard

April 2005

Early-stage companies face challenges from every angle, not the least of which is establishing credibility in the marketplace for their products and services. Though these firms may have convincing marketing materials, prospective customers, partners and investors ultimately want the peace of mind of knowing a business can deliver what it promises.

Testimonial-based marketing is one of the most effective ways to back up what a company boasts in its marketing materials. Since the advent of advertising, businesses have used customer testimonials, one- or two-sentence blurbs that capture a customer’s satisfaction. But for products and services with higher price tags and greater risk, buyers need more information than a short testimonial provides.

That’s when customer case studies, or success stories, can be a particularly powerful addition to a company’s marketing, sales and public relations mix. Case studies are detailed descriptions of how customers have benefited from a product or service, describing exactly how a company helped a customer save time and money, increase productivity, gain competitive advantage or serve customers more effectively.

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