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Taking stock of your business incubator: Part two

by Kathy Cammarata

June 2001

Client companies are the heart and soul of a business incubation program. Because the success of a program depends in large part on the success of its clients, incubator managers must be tuned in and responsive to clients' changing needs – and be ready to respond.

With the buzz that surrounds an incubator's daily activity, it can be tough to discern when the dilemma of the moment indicates a larger, programmatic problem. It also can be difficult to look at daily occurrences as part of a bigger picture full of patterns. Taking a step back can put things in perspective and ultimately will help you better serve your clients.

To help you assess how well you're serving your clients, we've divided the second part of NBIA's incubator evaluation series into three sections: recruiting, selecting and serving clients.

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Keywords: client selection/admissions, evaluation -- incubator performance, marketing and promotion

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