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Taking stock of your business incubator: Part three

by Kathy Cammarata

August 2001

This month marks the final segment of NBIA's incubator self-evaluation series. If you've stuck with us since April, you probably have developed a clear idea of where your program excels, and where it needs a little help. Taking the time to perform a comprehensive evaluation is a major accomplishment, but it's only the first step in making your incubation program a best practices incubator. The next step will be to use the information you've gained to set priorities for improvement and move your incubator toward achieving its mission.

In June, we promised you an in-depth look at graduation policies and exit criteria, and we'll deliver on that promise in the pages to come. We've also included sections on boards of directors and stakeholder networks.

Although we've covered a broad range of issues in this series, limited space prevented us from giving you all of the information and materials we put together. Be sure to watch for our self-evaluation workbook, to be published next year, which will expand on the topics covered in the newsletter and address several areas we weren't able to squeeze in.

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Keywords: board of directors, evaluation -- incubator performance, graduation policy, stakeholder relationship management

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