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Stakeholder reports are one of the most effective ways that incubators can regularly communicate information about their successes to key stakeholder groups. Here's how to create reports that educate, inspire and garner continued support.

Tips for creating effective Stakeholder reports

by Danaline McPhail Bryant

August 2008

What’s a stakeholder report? Is it important to publish one? How do you create it, and who should receive a copy? Knowing the answers to these questions can have a positive effect on your incubation program.

It’s important for incubators to communicate information about their challenges, successes and activities to those with a vested interest in the program. One of the best ways to do that is via a stakeholder report.

A stakeholder report is a regularly issued account to all parties with an interest – financial or otherwise – in the success of the program, including sponsors, service providers, board members, successful entrepreneurs, community leaders and the community as a whole.

“A stakeholder report puts a face on what we’re doing, and that’s very key,” says Ed Hobbs, general manager of the Toronto Business Development Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. “Stakeholders want to see success stories and end results of what’s going on.”

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