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LECCO Technology Ltd.*

LECCO Technology Ltd. designs, develops and markets software of database performance enhancement tools. Its main product, LECCO SQL ExpertTM, uses artificial intelligence to identify, evaluate and rewrite Structured Query Language (SQL) statements to improve database application performance.

"Winning this award provides international recognition of our ability to deliver world class products," says Stephen Wong, president and CEO for LECCOTECH.

The company, established in 1995, entered the Hong Kong Industrial Technology Centre Corp. (now Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks) in 1997 and graduated in 1999. LECCOTECH employs more than 70 people, up from 18 in the 1998-99 fiscal year. "LECCOTECH's success is a very good evidence for our program success," says Frederick Yung, acting CEO of the Hong Kong incubator program.

The company says LECCO SQL ExpertTM is an easy to use window-based tool that uses a unique "feedback-searching" engine with artificial intelligence to fine tune SQL statements. This allows database administrators and developers to increase productivity and improve database performance. The product resulted from eight years of private research by Richard To, senior vice president and head of research and development (R&D).

LECCOTECH currently has six direct sales offices — in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore and two in the United States — and a worldwide network of resellers and distributors. In less than a year, the company sold more than 720 licenses worldwide and generated more than US$1 million in sales revenues from such companies as Ericsson UK, Merrill Lynch UK, Lockheed Williams (US), 3M, Intel Corp. and Reuters Asia (HK). That's up 240 percent over the previous fiscal year. The company is considering making an initial public offering in Hong Kong in the coming year.

Yung says LECCOTECH's unique product and its management make the company special. "The top management (Wong) treasures his staff's effort very much and always listens to them," he says.

Wong says the company decided to enter the incubator because "we were in search of possible financial and service assistance in supporting the R&D project and marketing the software. The incubator provided us with the essential ingredients of business success and helped us to build a solid foundation and good reputation within" the Hong Kong information technology industry. The incubator contributed to the company in the areas of marketing assistance, professional image, credibility, staff training and business knowledge, networking and professional advice, and cost savings.

LECCOTECH started a program last year to donate LECCOTECH software to academic institutions to help teachers and students understand database concepts. The program began in response to a Brazilian university's inquiry and now involves four universities worldwide. "We want to give back and contribute to society through donating software and creating more job opportunities to the younger IT professionals," says Wong, who adds that they also want to promote the incubation program and acknowledge its contribution.

*LECCO Technology Ltd. Is now a part of Dell SQL Server Management Solutions.

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