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Preconference Institute

Please note all fees listed are early-bird rates. Register by April 4 to receive these prices.

Facilities Management

Saturday, May 3
9 a.m.-4 p.m.

In addition to running entrepreneur support programs, most incubator managers also are responsible for a physical facility, with duties such as writing and enforcing lease agreements, contracting for utilities and deciding how to allocate space. This workshop will cover various aspects of managing the facility shared by incubator staff and client companies, including:

  • Constructing a new building vs. renovating an existing one
  • Facility design
  • Energy conservation
  • Managing revenue-generation and cost-control strategies
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Special considerations for sector-specific life science companies

Mark Long, President and CEO, Indiana University Emerging Technologies Center, Indianapolis, Ind.
Lori Ritter, Incubator Program Manager, Advance Business Development Center, Green Bay, Wis.

Please Note: This workshop is a requirement of the NBIA Incubator Management Certificate Program. Visit www.nbia.org/nbia_events/certificate/ to learn more about this program and its requirements.

Fee: $369 NBIA members/$419 nonmembers

The Fundamentals of Incubator Management

Sunday, May 4
9 a.m.-4 p.m.

An effective incubator manager needs a strong understanding of industry best practices. This workshop is intended for managers of established incubators who are looking for strategies and techniques to meet clients’ expectations and run successful programs. This workshop will cover various aspects of incubator management, from defining a mission and governance structure to achieving financial sustainability. Specific topics will include working with a board of directors, establishing policies, recruiting clients, developing graduation criteria, generating revenue, handling leases and more.

Tom Strodtbeck, Director of Events and Training, National Business Incubation Association, Athens, Ohio
David Terry, Executive Director, West Texas A & M University Enterprise Network, Amarillo, Texas

Please Note: This workshop is a requirement of the NBIA Incubator Management Certificate Program. Visit www.nbia.org/nbia_events/certificate/ to learn more about this program and its requirements.

Fee: $369 NBIA members/$419 nonmembers

Elementos Fundamentales en la Administración de Incubadoras

(This workshop is a Spanish-language version of The Fundamentals of Incubator Management)

Sunday, May 4
9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Un director de incubadoras efectivo necesita de un gran conocimiento de las mejores prácticas de la industria. Este taller está dirigido a administradores de incubadoras ya establecidas, que buscan estrategias y técnicas para satisfacer las expectativas de sus clientes y dirigir programas exitosos. El taller abarcará diversos aspectos de la administración de una incubadora, desde la definición de su misión y estructura administrativa hasta como lograr su viabilidad económica. Se tocarán temas específicos como el trabajar con una mesa directiva, el establecimiento de políticas, el reclutamiento de clientes, los criterios y políticas de graduación, la generación de ingresos, el manejo de arrendamientos y más.

Patricio Alexander, CEO, Xetrend Advanced Position, Monterrey, México

Importante: Este taller es un requisito del Programa de Certificación en la Administración de Incubadoras de la NBIA. Visita www.nbia.org/nbia_events/certificate/ para obtener más información sobre este programa y sus requisitos.

Fee: $369 NBIA members/$419 nonmembers

Developing a Successful Incubator

Sunday, May 4
9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Are you developing an incubator or new to the business incubation industry? If so, this workshop is for you. A perennial favorite, this comprehensive course addresses all aspects of incubator development. The presenters, who have helped launch more than 35 incubation programs, will cover topics such as needs assessments, site assessment, facility design, incubator business plans, organizational structure, staffing and compensation, and marketing and client recruitment. The workshop will provide a workbook including the latest information about industry best practices (U.S. and international), lists of key resources, sample documents and more.

Carol Lauffer, Partner, Business Cluster Development, Menlo Park, Calif.
Jim Robbins, Partner, Business Cluster Development, Menlo Park, Calif.

Fee: $369 NBIA members/$419 nonmembers

Tools for Assessing a Client’s Potential

Sunday, May 4
9 a.m.-4 p.m.

One of the first things you must do after accepting new clients into your incubator is to help the entrepreneurs determine when their products or services will be ready to go to market. Armed with the right evaluation tools, you can provide a strategy that will lead start-up businesses to success. This workshop will cover how to:

  • Measure your clients’ attitude and aptitude for launching a business
  • Determine the company’s potential for innovative practices and products
  • Assess commercial products
  • Profile the clients’ potential for market success and investor funding
  • Evaluate the development process and plan the next steps
  • Verify that a business plan is investor-worthy
  • Assign value to a venture

The assessment resources provided in the workshop can be self-administered by the entrepreneur, with consulting support provided by the incubator professional.

H. Randall Goldsmith, President and CEO, Mississippi Technology Alliance, Ridgeland, Miss.

Fee: $369 NBIA members/$419 nonmembers

Creating Effective (and Affordable) Incubator Marketing Strategies

Sunday, May 4
9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Strategic marketing plans can enhance incubator success by increasing visibility in the community, improving stakeholder relationships and attracting new clients. During this workshop, attendees will learn incubator-specific marketing principles and strategies they can implement even under tight budget constraints. The presenter will explain how to create incubator brands, identify key messages for target audiences and make the most of inexpensive tools. Workshop materials include templates and models, so attendees will leave equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to effectively market their incubators, as well as hands-on experience in developing various aspects of the marketing plan.

Jeanette DeDiemar, Executive Director, Integrated Marketing and Communications, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Oshkosh, Wis.

Fee: $369 NBIA members/$419 nonmembers

Using Information Technology to Streamline Tasks and Track Success

Sunday, May 4
8 a.m.-noon

Many incubators are short-staffed, which can make streamlining daily tasks, attracting new clients and tracking client progress a challenge. During this interactive workshop, the presenter will explain how you and your staff can use information technology to automate a variety of tasks, including e-mail marketing, prospect inquiries, client needs assessments, tracking milestones, business reviews, reporting program success and more. With efficient systems in place, an incubator can better support clients and more accurately measure the success of its programs. A variety of “no-cost” and “low-cost” software solutions will be reviewed, including a simple system to measure your incubator’s economic impact. Workshop materials will include tools and templates to help participants implement techniques learned.

Greg Bean, CEO and President, Cybergroup, Baltimore, Md.

Fee: $259 NBIA members/$309 nonmembers

Another Plaque on the Wall: Snagging Good Sponsors

Sunday, May 4
1-5 p.m.

Sponsors who offer both financial support and public backing are an asset for any incubation program. The key is finding and maintaining such valuable relationships. This course will guide you through the process of locating these backers — from the initial search to the final signature. Learn how to price options, put together formal agreements, acknowledge sponsors, maximize interaction and continue these relationships. Sample contracts will let you see the essential parts of these agreements. Discover what makes a good sponsor, how to deal with a demanding supporter, and how to recognize materials you don’t want and services you don’t need.

Mark Long, President and CEO, Indiana University Emerging Technologies Center, Indianapolis, Ind.

Fee: $259 NBIA members/$309 nonmembers

Note: Attend both half-day workshops and pay the same price as a full-day workshop


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