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NBIA Incubator and Entrepreneurs Insurance Program – NBIA and AON Affinity Insurance Services have created a unique coverage and rating platform designed to meet the insurance needs of business incubators. Coverage includes plans for business owners, professional liability, directors & officers liability, and more.

BSA LifeStructures has more than 30 years of architectural and engineering design experience to help you take your incubator from concept to reality. We have the expertise to make your building operate more efficiently, saving you time and money. BSA LifeStructures is proud to be an NBIA Partner.

A product of Cybergroup Inc., incuTrack offers solution-driven software to address and manage an incubator's administrative and facility management challenges. The software allows incubator managers to focus on their clients’ progress and success without the administrative headaches often associated with record keeping and reporting. Cybergroup is proud to be an NBIA Partner. Visit www.incutrack.com.

Turnstone creates smart and simple furniture solutions inspired by the creativity and energy of emerging companies. We aspire to provide work environments that bring out their best … however they want to work.

Startup Company is the creator of the StartupWheel® – a simple, visual and practical tool used by professional business advisors and entrepreneurship educators to help start-ups make decisions. The StartupWheel® is available on a license basis. More than 220 advisors have been certified using the StartupWheel® method.