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Facilities Management

In addition to running entrepreneur support programs, most incubator managers also are responsible for a physical facility, with duties such as writing and enforcing lease agreements, contracting for utilities and deciding how to allocate space. More importantly, perhaps, are the considerations that go into choosing incubator space and understanding the program’s overall community dynamics. This workshop explores the relationship between an incubator facility and the community it serves.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize important community assets and supporters
  • How to identify important sources of financial support
  • Important questions to ask in analyzing community needs
  • The key characteristics of a business incubation facility
  • Important considerations related to locating, designing, renovating and expanding an incubator facility
  • The key safety and security issues with all incubators
  • How incubation facilities can contribute to the financial sustainability of the program

The workshop will include case studies and real-life examples of how effective incubators integrate successfully into the communities they serve.

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