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The Fundamentals of Incubator Management

Many new incubator managers have more questions than answers. How do I attract clients? How do I provide the kind of business assistance they need most? Where will my revenue come from? And how does graduation work? This workshop takes an in-depth look at every aspect of business incubation, covering client intake, incubator services, business models, missions and graduation.

What you’ll learn:

  • The stages of incubator development
  • The importance of mission in business incubation
  • The business incubation process, from client recruitment to graduation
  • How to formulate client intake policies that best serve your entrepreneurial markets
  • How to create graduation policies to enable healthy deal flow
  • How to create policies and procedures to help client companies grow

You’ll also learn about creating incubator mission statements and governance structures, working with a board of directors, generating revenue and achieving financial self-sustainability, recruiting clients and more.

The Fundamentals of Business Incubation is a must-attend program for anyone wishing to build a world-class business incubator.

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