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This article offers a variety of incubation success stories that demonstrate the many ways incubators help their clients and their communities. Share them with stakeholders, funders and community leaders – or look for ideas for your own program.

Spreading the word: Client and graduate successes prove that business incubation works

by Linda Knopp

April 2005

Does business incubation really work? Incubation professionals know the many ways their programs help entrepreneurs and their communities, but oftentimes it’s difficult to communicate success to industry outsiders. Sharing incubation success stories – whether your own or another program’s – can help community leaders and others understand the vital role incubation programs play in a region’s business development efforts.

Increased visibility for the industry benefits individual programs, too, drawing new clients, untapped funding sources, an expanded volunteer base, and more to incubators and the businesses they assist. To complement your own business incubation successes, NBIA has compiled a number of compelling stories from programs across the United States. The businesses profiled here represent only a sampling of the many successful companies that have emerged from NBIA member programs over the last 20 years.

Their stories are interesting because they illustrate the many faces of success. Some of the stories are those of typical business achievement, featuring companies that have recorded employment and revenue figures that would make any CEO proud. Others tell how incubator companies are making a name for themselves – and their incubators – by creating and marketing products we use every day. (For example, did you know that an incubator graduate designed the new logo for Old Milwaukee beer, or that a company that has developed nutritional oils contained in many baby formulas has incubator ties?)

Although each of the start-up companies profiled here has a different story to tell, the stories share a common theme: All of the businesses demonstrate success that likely would not have come about without the incubator experience.

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